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Recommendations for mechanic in Sutherland Shire, Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by zrxbrett, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Any recommendations for a good mechanic or shop in the Sutherland area that can perform a major service on my zrx to prep it for the oz motogp.


  2. mate im sure there are some recommendations out there for you. but alas i am not from the area but i did recently recieve my 6 month visa pass to visit the shire.
  3. G'day Brett...mate I only have two places to recommend in the Shire (I live here).

    Steve and the lads at Carigbah Motorcycles.

    Now my son Piotr (CBR 900 RR) and his mate Scott (unrestricted Hayabusha) take their sports bikes to a specialist shop on Taren Point Road. I don't know the name of the place but's it's almost next door to
    Colemans Smash repairs.

    Head south over Captain Cook Bridge on Taren Point Road.
    Cross the lights with a school on your left, then you will see an Office Works store, a bit further a Tire Mart (all this on your left). You will also go past Aero Surf Ski's. As you come up to the next set of traffic lights, 50 meters on your left before you get to the lights is the Sports bike shop and Colemans Smash repairs.
    (Colemans often has a Corvette or two out the front)
    The sports bike shop is set back off the road, easy to miss as you go past)

    To get to Caringbah Motorcycles keep going straight ahead and then turn left on Captain Cook Drive, Steve's shop is a hundred meters down on your left, turn into the sidestreet next to the shop and enter at the rear of the shop.

    If you decide to go to Steve's shop tell him you were advised to go there by Kevin Lumley.
    Also tell him you are on Netrider and got the recommendation from here.
    It is quite possible he will give you a discount.

    I don't know the guys at the sports bike shop, but you could say Piotr (Pronounced...Peeyott) and Scott Hollis recommeneded them.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  4. Bloody foreigners! :cheeky:

    They give those visas away like free :popcorn: now don't they? :roll:
  5. Jaq is the shop on Taren Point Road RB Imports??? They are long time sponsors of road-racing in NSW.
    Apart from that, I can only second your recommendation of Steve Wyers and Caringbah Motorcycles. I see Steve on probably a daily basis and he's a great guy, very professional.

    {And despite my constant mention of him, I am in no way connected with him; I just work in the next factory complex....}
  6. Could always venture out of the Shire.

    I'm from there but find you can get more for less in other areas.[/i]
  7. Yep its RB imports hes talking about.

    They are very well regarded for sports and especially racing bikes.

    Caringbah motorcycles are great for 250's and older bikes, dont charge an arm and a leg.
    Both shops are involved in racing and give a lot of support to racing in NSW.
  8. i would have to be another person to recommend Caringbah motorcycles.
    steve was more then helpful with anything i had to ask or get.
  9. It is a bit far for me to go so I haven't been to Jaq's recommended place. Only place even near there that I have been to is Sydney City Motorcycles at Kogarah. They have been top notch whenever I've been there for service or parts. So, so much better than Action in the city who are pack of rude useless wankers.

    You don't have to wait ages to book in(unlike Action :butt: ), they do the job on time every time(unlike Action :butt: ), they are always courteous and treat their customers well(unlike Action :butt: ), and are good for pricing. You can even hire aloan bike while your's is in the shop but read the fine print - the excess is scary. Alternatively, Kogarah train station is 5 minute walk away.
  10. Then give us an example?

    Steve charges the same as or less than just about every other shop in Sydney.
    The same with the sports bike shop.
    Don't take my word for it, simply ring six other shops between the Shire and Sydney.

    The difference between Steve's shop and many others is that Steve has an excellent reputation.
    It's because he is not a dealer, most of his income comes from his mechanical workshop.
    Nathan, his head mechanic was awarded best motorcycle mech of the year in NSW not too long ago.
  11. Recommendations for mechanic Sutherland Shire

    Hi all,

    Thanks very much for all your replies and recommending Caringbah M/cycles, RB Imports and Sydney City Kogarah.

    I will book my bike into Caringbah M/cycles (as it is closer to where I live) and post feedback I how it all goes.


  12. Heh.

    I was in at caringbah motorcycles this morning for a new front tyre for the GPX.

    Friendly service, very cheap and they picked up on one problem I'd hoping to avoid (the shock isn't in great condition and they're the first ones to mention it to me) First mechanic I've ever trusted.

    Oh yeah and great service

    The Guy I spoke to was Nathan
  13. Nathan is a genuine guy.
    On top of that he actually rides his bike to work and back every day. Goes road riding or motorcrossing on the weekends.
    That SRX 600 Streetfighter is Nathan's bike.
  14. Haha

    Yeah Nathan pointed his bike out to me. Good bunch of blokes up there, I'm gonna be taking the bike back to them that's for sure. Probably monday or so for the shock issue.

    said it'd be 2 weeks before they get it back to me. I'm not worried, as I said, first mechanic I've trusted to do the work and do it well.

    I could tell you many horror stories about how I'd been ripped off by mechanics and autoelectricians in the past. Pay them, only to find no work was done, didn't fix the problem, or incorrect work was done.

    Glad to find at least one mechanic out there that doesn't fit into the ripoff merchant mould.
  15. Check out the Netrider Info sheet on the desk near the front door. :LOL:
  16. I musta missed that, but I'll be sure to check it out the next time I'm over there.
  17. Sutherland Shire Bike Mechanics

    Booked the bike in at Caringbah M/cycles for Thurs. Let you all know how it goes.

  18. Motorcycle Mechanic Sutherland shire update


    Got the ZRX back from Caringbah M/cycles and shes running sweet. Price for the 48,000 km service (including valves) comparable with the multi franchise dealer I used to take it to.

    Craingbah M/Cycles highly recommended.

    (ZRX) Brett