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Recommendations for a winter jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jem, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I tried this in a previous post but was a bit too specific I think; so here I go with another try:-

    I am looking for recommendations for a good winter jacket, some guidelines below -

    Daily use for commuting in Melbourne; 14 kms each way.

    Leave at 6.30 so it will be cold.

    Can be textile or leather.

    Not a fan of the hump on leather jackets and I ride a naked bike so very upright position which might make the hump look like a bit of a Wank....

    Would like hard CE protection on shoulders, elbows, back and front or at least the ability to get it as an add on if it does not come with the jacket.
    As an example of what I mean I have this as a summer jacket and am very happy with it - http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=5914

    Bonus if it is truly water proof but I have a good rain jacket that goes over my existing jacket so not a deal breaker

    Zip out liner an advantage but again not essential as I am looking for a jacket for use in Melbourne for the winter - say late April to end of October.

    Available in Red or Red/black by preference will be going to and coming home in the dark so any colour that might help me been seen would be a good thing - do not quite understand while the majority of jackets are black.

    Good reflecting properties.

    So let me know what you would recommend/use if you could get a jacket just for winter.


  2. Thanks guys, some jackets that I would not have found to look at without your advice.

    Twist is the tiger worth $250 more?

    Cheers Jeremy
  3. don't know actually as I haven't tried the aerostich, just heard about them.
    but I wear my tiger angel one about 9 months of the year (I'm in Melbourne) and as they are local they can be repaired.
    I believe they also make the hi vis jackets for the bike cops
  4. ^thanks
  5. I use the RST Ventillator Jacket (have the ventillator 2 but it seems to be replaced by the Ventilator 3 ventillator 3)

    It has CE rated armor in shoulder elbows and back as standard with 600 denier Cordura.
    In terms of water resistance it has been good so far. I have been touring with it and the matching pants in the rain (never been in a torrential downpour but have been in say 5mm rain) and it has held up well. It also has 2 inner liners so is great for all seasons (water/windproof liner and thermal liner) and withthe liners removed has excellent ventillation on hot summer days (have used it in over 30 degree heat and is fine).
    Was quite reasonably priced as well (got it from PS with the pants for $400).
  6. Thanks ludey, will have a good look at the site and jackets.

    Cheers Jeremy
  7. I've been using Dri Rider Alpine for almost an year (Almost everyday through rain, hail, heat & shine) as it is a all-in-one sort of jacket. A waterproof, winter/summer jacket with a removable inner thermal lining though in peak winter you will still need to wear a inner thermal t-shirt (or a micro-fleece jumper) or something.

    Also has reflective strips at a few places & mine is red/black.

    Has shoulder & elbow armour and is very comfortable in summer as well - just remove the lining and open the ventilation zips. Paid $ 350 for it last year so might be a tad cheaper now. I think I also saw it listed at $299 somehwere. Click HERE

    RST is also a good brand and priced appropriatley.

    Tiger Angel jacket will be way way more than $250. :)
  8. I have a leather alpinestar jacket, no hump and it has a liner that is like a doona when used.
    Its totally waterproof, wind proof, comfortable and one of the best allround jackers I have ever owned. (i've had it for about 5 years now- and it still looks almost new)
    It cost a bit of coin but you really do get what you pay for. This jacket will out live me.
  9. Thanks all, suspect I am more confused now than whe I started but I will work it out.

    Cheers Jeremy
  10. I can understand... :)

    If I may suggest - make a note of all the names/makes/models etc and visit a few shops. AMX is Bayswater or Peter Stevens/A1 Motorcycles/Metro Ducati area in Ringwood (Each have a variety of different makes etc). Wear as many as you can and they special sales as well

    Then depending on your budget - pick the most versatile jacket (year round inc. waterproof etc). I did the same as I could not afford to have multiple jackets for various seasons.

    RST, Dri Rider, Icon are all good and reputed brands you can't go wrong on any of them.

    Alpinestars, Dianese are also good BUT they are more expensive.

    You can either get a textile jacket which is waterproof OR a leather jacket (as you already have a waterproof overcoat).
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  11. Thanks LL good advice.
  12. No problems Jem. (y)

    I got a lot of help here on NR as well so just trying to do the same.

    You could also keep some money aside for a good leather jacket. Once you know your Dianese or A* sizing, get from online. I can send you some URL's and they have ocassional sales of 20-40% off, which you can snap up when you see the deals. In this way you could save a few hundred dollars as well.
  13. If you treat a leather jacket correctly it will be waterproof- I've always had leather as my winter jacket, and then a textile one for the warmer seasons.
  14. Hey LL,

    Should I in fact go straight to a leather one now?

    Price difference between a good water proof textlie and a leather is not that much and might be better than ending up with a sumnmer mesh, a winter textile and a leather one as well.

    Thoughts from others welcome as well.....

    Cheers, Jeremy
  15. I don't see a reason why not! And no reason why a good leather jacket cant be worn in summer as well. Leather jackets also come with ventilations.

    ONLY concern would be drying time if you get caught up in a heavy downpour but you have got that covered as well so ...by all means - NIKE!

  16. :grin:^ Thanks..... I think!

    Now of course I am going to have to start all over again doing research on leather jackets v's textile , brand v's brand buy here or try here buy OS etc etc etc

    Cheers, Jeremy
  17. Have you thought about wearing a compression shirt underneath? I've been wearing one and it have keep me warm so far.