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Recommendations for a quiet full face helmet please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by 8Track, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. Hi there,

    I have been using a $100 KBC full face helmet for the last 5 years. Its been fine in most respects and has been the only full face I have ever worn.

    However the one major gripe I have is with its wind noise. Its very noisy, and sitting at 110kms for a couple of hours really gets annoying. LOts of whistling, rustling and wind blast sound at quite high dBs.

    Can anyone suggest a full face helmet that is known to be quiet?


  2. Hi Mark,

    I had a similar problem with my last helmet, a Shark RSF2 and just resorted to wearing ear plugs.

    I now own a Bell RS-1 and it is by far the quietest helmet I have owned.

    I find on shortish rides or commuting it's no worries, but I still wear ear plugs for extend rides or touring.

    I think the quietness of the Bell comes down to the design on the padding that sits around your neck, it seems to sit lower and more snug, but i'm sure other brands are doing this too, the Bell just happened to fit my mellon and wallet.

  3. I've been riding for almost 40 years (no I don't feel old....just decrepit).

    What I've found is that there is no substitute for ear plugs. Shout yourself to a pair of professionally molded plugs from a hearing specialist for ~$120 and the relative "quietness" of your helmet will never matter again.

    They are so comfortable and so easy to fit that I never ride without them.

    As to a "quiet helmet" - it depends VERY much on your height and body position relative to the airstream on YOUR bike. The dreaded "S" word (Schuberth) are about as quiet as you will get.
  4. No helmet will be quiet for everyone.

    To get quieter look for a low amount of gap between the opening around your neck. Also less ventilation holes on them is quieter generally (with obvious trade offs)

    But earplugs are a must, buy a 100 pack on ebay or bunnings.
  5. I have a Shoei X12 and it is very quiet for wind noise, as Vertical C mentioned the trade off is it's ventilation is not that good and does get hot on the hot days.

    I previously had a Shoei X11 and it's ventilation was much better than the later model.
  6. Earplugs and a BMW System 6, made by Schuberth is the quietest combination I've used.

    I was previously wearing a Shoei XR1100, again worn with earplugs, and the current setup is a fair bit quieter.

    All previous helmets, ranging from Nolan, Bell, AGV, were noisier than the System 6.
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  8. My Arai is quiet on my bike and noisy when I'm on my wife's bike.
    Earplugs and a windjammer help


    also depends on what the noise is! whistles or rumbles?

  9. Schuberth (spelling?) are pretty much regarded as the quietest getting around, although I think a decent pair of proper earplugs (not trademan foamies) and a helmet that fits just right for you will be the way to go!
  10. Hi Mark,
    I had a similar problem as you ..
    till one day when I was mowing uncle greg's lawn. I was naked and all hot and sweaty and my ears were ringing from all the noise.
    so he insisted I wear some protection.
    I was amazed at how quiet and comfortable this set-up was compared to wearing my shoei xr1300.
    noting the Australian (sp) standard sticker on the back, I've worn these ever since.
  11. It's even got a bug collector - that's fuckin' brilliant!

  12. Believe this - Womble ear-bashed me (pardon the pun) for a good 10 minutes roadside in Moss Vale about his set-up when I revealed I was using noise-cancelling earphones for the freeway.

    On that note, I bought a pair of Sony noise-cancelling earphones for our trip to Canberra. Absolutely saved my hearing (loud helmet and a yoshi pipe at 9000rpm will give you tinnitus bloody quickly). These are the ones: http://www.officeworks.com.au/retai...NC13B?catargetid=1402860417&cadevice={device}

    They fit nice and snug inside my helmet and still give me the ability to hear traffic at lower speeds if I find myself with them still in. Noise-sensitive so the cancelling works depending on speed and surrounding noise.

    I'm now looking for a second helmet for longer trips (day trips etc). RS-1 comes on high recommendation.
  13. Yep, many things can affect noise levels. I have a system 6, but as soon as I added the Sena it got noisier again due to the wind obstruction. Doesn't bother me bc I use moulded earplugs wired to music anyway, but still a pity.
  14. I have a windjammer, but it doesn't seem to make any difference on my helmet.

    Having said that, I can't live without it as it prevents the nasties from flying up into my helmet and splattering or stinging me.