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Recommendations for a chiropractor

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by shelley rally, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Wondering if anyone can help me out with any recommendations for a good chiropractor in the Eaglemont/Heidelberg/Ivanhoe (Victoria) or surrounding suburbs?


  2. I go to chirolife in rosanna, have been for a good 4yrs. The chiropractor is Dr Ian Deitch. Hes a nice guy and know more then just cracking spines, like a whole range of health issues. Has his own Xray machine, so he keeps track of progress and u can see it.

    I vow for chiropractors. I havent had more then the sniffles in 3yrs.
  3. +1, Not sure of what the road is called for the place I go to, but it works. Besides, they do an awesome massage :p
  4. Personally I avoid chiropractors like the plague. I'm a big fan of oesteopaths as they work with both soft tissue and bone as opposed to chiros who are about bone manipulation only. For me I find oesteos work alot more in depth and I only have to see once every 2-3 months, whereas the times that I have had to go to chiros, it's been every 2-3 weeks.

    There is a great oesteo in Northcote, St. George's Rd., Michael Kelly (or anyone in the practice really). Northcote Oesteopathic Clinic. Sorry, don't have the number with me. My very strong advice would be give oesteos a try, if you haven't already. They can do everything a chiro can do plus more.
  5. Shelley, is Glenroy to far for you to travel ??

    I know a Chiro who is exceptional..
  6. Shelley I used to go to Nth Balwyn Chiro. There 5 mins from you guys. On Balwyn rd. Zanthia I used to see and I forget the other practitioners name, Linda I think. They can string you along a little bit but generally seem pretty good. Zanthia worked a small miracle with me but it took 4 sessions. Once you feel a real difference, and they say your at 95%+, bail :!:
    Like others mentioned, personally, Im not a huge fan of chiro's, but they have their place. I found once they have the structure back in rough shape, with a bit of TLC, it tends to stay there for good coulpe of years, but thats just mwah.
    Many years ago, while building houses, I totalled my back jack :cry: wouldnt wish it on anyone. =; After going through the whole gammet of practitioners and therapies, over 3 year period, personally found that my body responds best to shiatsu and massage. However as I tend to live a reasonably active lifestyle, I found that the actual physical mechanical structure, my skeletal system, needs tweaking here and there. Thats where the chiro comes in. If I leave it anything more than 2 years max, Im in deep sheeet.
    Good luck :)
  7. Go see G :)
  8. Listen to wise Donski. An osteopath has had FAR more medical training than a chiro.
  9. Hence...'Go see G :)' ...I've seen his wall...LOOOOOTS of training! :grin:
  10. You mean MG? :shock:

    I wouldn't let him near MY back!

  11. Yep, I can vouch for brother G :)
    when we raced the scooter he treated each of us everytime we came off the track. My thumbs would be aching like mad from constant throttle/braking, he fixed them up a charm.
  12. I go to Dr Russell Banks in Doncaster.

    He is not a pushy type and says to only see him when I am in pain.
  13. Another vote here for osteo's. I've had back trouble for 15+ years including a prolapsed disc or 3. I've tried physios/chiros etc. but I find osteo to be the most helpful. My current osteo is sensational. (Tim Taylor in Malvern).
  14. I suggested G but I couldn't remember whatkinda path he was so it didn't have much effect, cause I just said he was cool and he fixes things and he likes hugs and he wears sunglasses sometimes. :cool: :grin:
  15. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and suggestions, they are much appreciated. The consensus seems to be osteopaths, particularly G (might just have to give him a call :) ). I was just thinking of seeing a chiro again because the last time I saw one (about 3 yrs ago), he fixed my neck in just 2 sessions, and I haven't had any problems with it since... well until now!
  16. :LOL: yep, that's G!
  17. Just to offer a dissenting opinion (and that's all it is), I'm a bit dubious about osteopaths. Mainly because a good friend, who's intelligence and opinions I deeply respect, is one and has expressed the view that a good portion of the claims made for its effectiveness are utter bullsh*t.

    To be fair, he tends to be talking about the claimed effects on general health, rather than the benefits that manipulation can have on muscular and skeletal problems.

    For my own part, I have an old neck injury from torpedoing a bus 18 years ago. It manifests itself every few months in the form of blinding headaches. A visit to my local chiro sorts it out nicely.

    Mind you, I've come across some cr@p chiros too.
  18. Bit of a hike for you, but Nelson Chiropractic in Mornington are great - any of the team there are spot-on, and don't use the old type of techniques i.e. cracking backs, yanking necks etc. They use what techniques work best for individual patients. I credit them with helping me gain a much better quality of life, far more than physios and most, especially after injuries sustained from a head-on car smash in 2001, and the usual minor offs on bikes over the years.

    A good, well-trained massage therapist will also do the job well for you, similat to the above. Matter of fact, the two modalities work together very nicely IMHO.