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Recommendations for 1st upgrade - to another POS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rip, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Hi

    Apologies if I'm covering old ground, but I don't like to hijack threads...

    I'm currently looking for a new bike, having got my full licence recently and sold off my old POS ZZR250. My plan was for something:
    - to suit a taller rider (6'3),
    - reasonable comfortable riding position - back can't hack a sports tuck
    - grunty enough to be called sporty
    - good for riding around town as well as longer trips
    - that can take a pillion

    No preference for faired/unfaired. Simple enough so far.

    However, having recently moved to Brisbane I find myself riding the pushbike to work and driving the car for longer trips. So I can't justify spending much on a bike that will be used for the odd ride to work or blat through the country side when I can fit one in.

    The solution? Another, bigger POS! Don't care about appearance (much : ), and not afraid of repairs. Say a budget of $2-2.5K. Yes I could save more, but as above, I couldn't justify parting with the cash.

    So, after all that, suggestions? Recommendations? Or am I kidding myself?
  2. Yikes, that's a tight budget.

    Any advice will be useless, you're gonna have to hunt around and see what you can get. Probably something with high miles on it. They're out there.
  3. Hmmm. There is something that grabs me about the styling of the old VF. That would make a real nice project -as long as the chocolate cams had been fixed
  4. Yeah, I know. Ebay's pretty slow at the mo, and I've got to admit I was kind fishing for a " I know a guy with (insert flogged out 80s sports bike) in his shed..." kinda comments.. :)

    To clarify, I was wondering if any particular flogged out 80s sports bike would be suitable for a lanky bugger. I'm not thinking of 90s VFR, CBRs etc (though if someone wants to sell me one cheap ....)

    Swing and a miss, but just slipping down legside I reckon...
  5. I would highly recommend the same bike as mine: 1989/90 Kawasaki ZX1000B.

    I picked mine up from ebay for $2500.
    I ride it to and from work, and around town, great bike, enough torque to be lazy, and still a decent wack of power when you want it.
    comfy as anything, (I am a shade under 6' 5") and it's great for a pillion.

    Handles as you would expect it to, sporty, but not the same as the current XYZ1000RRRRRRRRRR.

    If it was in 6 months time mine would be for sale for that money.
  6. Good luck but I think your choices are between a $2500 bike that needs $2500 spent on it or a $5000 bike in the first place.
    I know I'd rather be riding than repairing :LOL:

    EDIT: 5K puts you in the 1200 Bandit territory :wink:
  7. $3-3.5 gets you into early 90's 600's.

    For $2-2.5, i'd look around for a nice, restored early 80's inline 4. GS, Z, XJ etc... All the suzuki's GS, GSX, are great bikes, if you can still find a useable one. Don't get an early DOHC CB. CBX is better. There are many, many dogs out there, so good luck finding one not needing to spend a few thousand in repairs down the line. They're out there, but good luck nonetheless.