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Recommendation on Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Grrila, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    Got a pair of Alpine Star GP Plus gloves which I have been pretty disappointed in. The quality has been in general crap to be honest. First pair of gloves the top of fingers threading came undone and exposed my fingers after 6 months of weekend to fortnightly riding. Replacement pair have done the same after two years of the same use (no accidents) but this time the palm has worn straight through on the left hand. Before anybody asks, yes I am comfortable and loose on the bike.

    Is two years of light use good for a pair of gloves? How often do people go through gloves?

    Can anybody recommend me a race style pair of gloves that will hold up better than the alpines? Would like to keep the budget below $200 but will stretch if anybody can recommend me a last forever option.


  2. Kangaroo leather. $$$ but worth it.
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  3. Steve VtecSteve Vtec wrote a decent write up somewhere about some roo gloves and gave them them the thumbs up.

    I wear gp plus to work virtually everyday unless it's stinking hot, mine last 2 years in general. I'm surprised the stitching went after 6 months, not good - you sure they weren't snides?
    After 2 + years mine are just going through the palm stitching. Time to replace.
  4. Held titan, hands down awesomeness.

    Exy and not well known. Worth every cent.
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  5. I have a pair of Dri Rider "Adventure" gloves. They are wonderful and warm in the colder months. But on one of the tags it says "HiPora - Breathable. Water-proof. The Tag lies. They are not water proof. Water resistant maybe, but certainly not water proof. I went for a ride in the rain on Saturday, about an hour. They still aren't dry.
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    Held definitely have a good rep for gloves and they are exxy.

    I've got a couple of Rev'it gloves and dunno If I can recommend. First pair split the stitching on the thumb, bought from OS so had to wear it. Second pair had an issue with waterproofing membrane (Xtraffit) pulling out but bought locally so warranty sorted it out.

    Have a pair of dainese x-ile that I've owned for 4 years and I reckon I'll get another couple out of em. My go to glove in mild weather.

    I've got Shift racing gloves that I found in the bargain bin at Bikebiz, 6 or so track days and still look like new.
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  7. I tend to only get 1 maybe 2 years from 'summer' gloves. But 'winter' gloves can last me 5 years. That could be because while I ride all year round I tend to not wear the winter gloves unless it's actually cold, like below 10c.
  8. I can vouch for their protective nature in crashes too....

    Just saying........ both were high speed.
  9. I've a few pairs (cough) obviously for safety reasons and of course research.

    Dririder winter gloves lasted a few years.

    Atm using Five Gloves winter pair which is pretty good. All others are summer gloves and from bargain bins etc which are not expensive at all.

    Eyeing sports gloves at the moment and have heard good things about Held, Spidi so will check them out.

    Have also tried RJAYS and Dainese Veloce but can't decide which..

    Will post a review on Five Gloves sometime soon..
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  10. GrrilaGrrila I've got some GiMoto GP4 race gloves. Cow hide construction with kangaroo leather palm. I have only ridden in them four or five times, but my limited experience with them is that they are a VERY comfortable race glove. I just got a GiMoto two piece suit and the quality is outstanding. I was a bit disappointed with the latest model of their race glove, the GP5, the white rubber on the wrists is a bit different in colour to the white leather on the glove, and the stitching wasn't as perfect as I'd expect the stitching on a $245 pair of gloves to be. The knox scaphoid protectors weren't symmetrical on both gloves which really bothered my OCD (this was on the two pairs that I tried on, I doubt they're all like this, but for $245 you'd expect better quality control), and a few of the leather panels were a little inconsistent. The previous model, the GP4, seems much less built to a budget and more in line with the build of their suits, which are just superior. These gloves are, as best I can tell so far, absolutely immaculate.

    I got mine for $225. I don't have a lot of years of experience on a bike, so my experience with gear is also somewhat limited, but I've owned four or five pairs of gloves now for similar reasons to you - stitching coming undone, palm wearing through (worryingly so - this is the bit that's supposed to keep the skin on my hands and it just wears through with day to day use, imagine if it ever got dragged down the street!), etc etc, and my opinion of dainese and alpinestars is very similar to any other cheap shit made in Pakistan, they're all the same. Find a reputable product that's made in Italy (or Germany, or Australia, or anywhere that doesn't have kids sweating in a factory pumping out inferior products with expensive stickers on...)

    I can't speak more highly of the GP4's, the protection is great, the armour sits comfortably and is positioned correctly (for my hands at least), and it looks great, the palm sliders sit nicely, the airflow is good, the comfort level is excellent, the cuff is long enough to cover the sleeve of your jacket without being uncomfortably long, they are simple albeit a little time consuming to put on and off, but definitely feel like they'll stay attached in an off. The kangaroo leather palm is very supple and flexible making handlebar grip and feel the best of any glove I've tried. They're light. They dry reasonably quickly when they get wet. What else do you need to know?

    image. image. image. image.
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  11. Thick warm gloves with Thinsulate/Gortex waterproof liner for winter, Light perforated leather gloves for summer. Gloves with long gauntlets and knuckle protectors for the track.
  12. Steve VtecSteve Vtec

    They look pretty good...did you get them from OzMC as well?
  13. Can't see any information on the website.. Might email them and see what they got.
  14. I just looked up those held gloves jonnymacjonnymac they look great. V expensive but this looks like one of those instances where you're actually getting what you pay for
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  15. Lazy LibranLazy Libran I reckon I bought the second last pair of GP4's that Irena had in stock in my size (and seriously contemplating going to get the other pair), and there aren't any GP5's at her store. They've got some Knox handroids but they were a little bit too "predator" looking for me, not really my style. I still feel a bit weird kicking around in the race leathers, let alone the fancy gloves, but I suppose if you're gona hit the road then that's what you want to be wearing. The more I wear them the more comfortable they get anyway, so it's win win.
  16. Andy Strapz is now selling Held Gloves.
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  17. I had a pair of A* gloves that wore through in less than 2000 km. Replaced with Held which are still going strong 2 years later. Best summer gloves I've ever had.
    For winter I've recently replaced my rather disappointing Dainese KKH gloves with a pair of Rukka Cosmo. Now these really are the business for cold wet rides.
    I just can't stand gear that doesn't work.
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  18. Exactly my thoughts...
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