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Recommendation on first LAMS motorbike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MRbeginner, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,
    I've recently got my L's and am looking for a used LAMS bike that costs around 5 grand. I'm a pretty tall fella 6' but weighing at 65kg... I'm a fairly new rider as I'm still in high school :p
    Was wondering should i get a CBR250RR, NINJA 250R or something else?

    Thanks for your time
  2. Assuming you want a faired bike from your suggestions?

    I'd look at the following bikes and pick whatever gives you the biggest hard-on.

    Honda CBR250R (2011 model)
    Kawasaki Ninja 250R (Second Hand)
    Hyosung GT250R

    At the end of the day, pick whatever you like the most. You're the one that will have to ride it!

    If I was you, i'd buy a Hyosung GT650R. As new a model as I could afford. But thats what I would do. Plenty of people will be along in a sec to tell you what they would ride.
  3. welcome to NR mate.

    Modern Ninja has made some good suggestions. All depends what type of bike you want. I ride a GS500 and its a great learner bike. I would throw a DR650 onto the list too if you are not specifically after a bike with a fairing.
  4. Hornet 250, (cb250F Hornet on bikesales)

    Power of the CBR250RR, but with more useable gearing for getting around, still does 0-62 in about 5.5.

    most of them havnt been nearly as ruined as the CBR250RR, and they handle extremely well, some british mag rated it better then CB400, CBR250RR and VFR400. I can find it for you if you wish to see this evidence.

    Go and test ride them.

    Unless your a heavy guy, imo under 85kg you will be fine. same goes for any 250. Btw, they are very comfortable for riding, im 6ft and its great, ive done several 500km days in it.
  5. Get an Across. Put your school books in the boot.
  6. Thanks for some good suggestions :D
    i looked up on those bikes and seem pretty interested - i prefer faired bikes over the naked ones
    The across looks like a nice beginner bike huge @zz storage!! and pretty cheap as well. The Hyosung GT250R is also pretty cheapish but more aesthetically pleasing lol I heard these models were prone to problems? from somewhere though

    Any more suggestions ? :angel:
  7. the only one that can decide on the best bike for you is you.

    look at a heap, sit on a heap

    buy the one that suits best

    put the left glove on first

    welcome to NR
  8. As Above. Too Lazy to type today.
  9. MR - You sound like I was in highschool, tall and lean. I'm a bit more heavyset now (6'2"/90kg) but am still rather lean, and I'll tell you the CBR250R's will get on your nerves due to their small physical size. They're just too darn small, especially if you plan on longer rides. You can ride long days on them but larger bikes are a lot better. They're also expensive for what you get - 20 year old bikes that've gone through many learner hands and most likely been thrashed to buggery.

    The GS500's are alright, especially from a power, cost and reliability point of view.

    VFR400's and CB400's are in my 'fantasy' book - expensive four-cylinders that don't really have the ball-busting performance to warrant their purchase or maintenance costs. The one good point about them is that they look good (VFR especially) and will hold resale fairly well if you maintain them.

    The Hyosung 250R's are a good bike for the taller rider - they really are a proper 'full sized' 250 and I'd rate them decently. There have been problems but mainly with earlier production bikes... apparently they're pretty much sorted now. The Hyosung range is also now fuel injected, and quite a good system, too, from what I've heard.

    Ninja 250? Good bikes, bit small IMO, see 'em everywhere. Not denying they're a good bike but personally I'd get something else.

    If you want something thats good for around town and the twisties, with some physical size and a bit of grunt as well then look at the larger dirt bikes. I'm talking Suzuki DRZ-400E/DR650, Honda XR400/600, Kawasaki KLX-450 (clone of Suzuki 450). They are all reliable beasts with good power and a high seating position. If you drop them theres no expensive bodywork to wreck, either - they're dirtbikes! All have a large aftermarket range for customising them; my XR600R has a longrange tank, gear rack, handguards and some tasty engine bits, too, for example.

    Anywho, just something to think about. If you can do a testride at all then thats highly recommended, or even just sitting on a bike will give you a good feel for it. Do that with as many as possible before deciding on what you really like.

    Lastly, remember you need decent protective gear. Budget between $500 and $1000 for that, depending on what you want. I'd recommend a $150 full-face helmet, $250 3-season jacket (removable liner) and $50 armoured gloves as a minimum as you tend to get what you pay for. Again, try as many on before deciding which ones you like (and can afford) as you don't want to be uncomfortable wearing it.

    Cheers - boingk
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  10. Buy my across.
  11. For many years i used an across to go from home to work, to tafe and back home.
    Highly recommend.

    It can carry heaps and is excellent for a student.
    It can easily carry a 14" notebook, textbooks, wets, lunch & dinner.
    When you take those out you can store your helmet with the wets tucked inside.
    backpacks are for chumps.
  12. +1 on the Hyosung. I found it was a perfect learners bike, was mega cheap, and parts are cheap.
  13. Drz400Sm. Pick up a second hand one for 5 grand or so.
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  14. =D> good stuff boingk

    Lots of the hyo's reliability problems are associated with the earlier models. If you go as late a model as you can afford, especially EFI, you should be right.

    Also, make sure you are getting quality gear. Notice I said quality because the most expensive often isn't the best.

    EDIT: in conclusion, Hyosung Gt650R would be best. Its a bigger bike physically. It can be derestricted to give you 60hp at the wheel. It shits on every other bike in the class simply because of its price and "bang for buck". It'll teach you more than any other bike will and it won't cost you the earth.
  15. 1. get L's
    2. spend two months reading all of netrider and other forums and resources,
    3. read some advanced technique guides such as twist of the wrist
    4. using the knowledge you acquired during your research phase, shortlist a few bikes
    5. buy a bike and spend a month learning to ride then do your P's test.

    EDIT: Awkward, i already replied to this thread earlier....this is some good shit.
  16. pffft.

    1. Go to every bike store close to you.
    2. Buy whatever gives you the biggest hard on

  17. ..and dont forget protection.

    Get the best gear you can, that's what I meant! :D
  18. IMO your 6ft so I would go the GS500f .. Think you may get bored with a 250 after 6 months . Good luck
  19. hmmm,
    if youwant a bike that will leave you giggling and without a licence (or bike in some cases:p) motard,

    if you want to buy new, and get a bike that is the best value for money then hyosung 650
    but dont expect resale to be great and buy new not 2cnd hand. their great for while your on your learners but by the time you upgrade they are getting to their use by date (like a cheap kia)

    if you want a good all-rounder then look into the gs500 or cb400

    if you want something small maneuverable and still provides the fun in the twisties and sexy, get a vtr250. especially good for a budget 2cnd hand buy. (gs500 and cb400 are still too new to compete in this price range) also look at the banshee 250 (suzuki) if you don't mind a bigger wider bike. but less sexy amd lacks the v-twin's exhaust note

    finally if you want a straight out performance for track and road then buy an rvf400..... but be prepared to pay top dollar.
  20. Spenaroo

    gs500 has been around for over 15 years so there are many good cheap second hand ones around.