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Recommendation for reliability sub 250cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kpac82, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. I've done a lot of searching, and looked at past threads with the common question of, what bike would be best suited to a learner rider.

    Although this is basically what i'm asking, i'm mainly interested in reliability and ongoing cost. I want something solid that can last me a long time. It's for commuting only, not highway or touring.

    Honda CRB125 - 250 have me interested
    VTR's also look good.
    Others have recommended Suzuki Across for a learner.
    ZZR's seem to have glowing reviews.

    Are there others that i should be considering? and out of these which would have the edge in regards to reliability and longevity?

    Finally (as i cant post in the "wanted" classifieds yet) if anyone has something they believe suitable, let me know.

  2. I've only limited experience, but if you're after reliability, can't go past the Honda VTR250. Practically bulletproof.

    It might not be your style, but I've also heard that the XV250 is a cracker and anything with a single cylinder is a breeze to work on yourself.

    If you're willing to go as low as a CBR125R, check out a CT110.
  3. Coz they're awesome :grin: buy one buy one buy one :LOL:

    Top bike.

    Having said that, I can also recommend the VTR250 as a very solid little bike, just a bit more exxy. I've spent time on both and think they're just as good as each other. IMO, the only thing that would swing you one way or the other is if you specifically wanted/didn't want a faired/naked bike, or if you wanted to pay more for the Honda name :)

    EDIT: I suppose also if you wanted a torquey v-twin rumble (VTR), or a high-rpm parallel-twin scream (ZZR)!!
  4. Thanks for the advice!

    More questions;
    what is the recommended service intervals of these types of bikes?
    what's a good price for a service. I asked the locale shop and they said around $200 but they're also trying to sell me a bike so i'm skeptical....

    Also what is a fairing - faired - naked bike?

    finally grey imports, is it advised to steer clear or are they good options?
  5. Sat on a yamaha scorpion the other day.

    Naked bike (no fairing) and a nice upright almost trail bike riding position.

    5k new so there would be examples form last 2 years or so cheaper than that.

    220cc I think so cheap to run as well as cheap to buy.

    If you're riding to the station or around a neighbourhood they seem ok.
  6. Grey imports are fine if you know what you're looking for.

    Don't even consider taking your bike to a mechanic. If you have the right one, oil, filter etc changes should be a snap and you'd be able to do them youself in half an hour on a sunday afternoon. Cost would be more like $50.00 instead of $200.00.

    Most mechanics are numpty's, and you'll probably lose your bike to the workshop for a week. You'll want to give it a service every 5k for oil changes, with a spark plug(s) clearences etc every other service.
  7. If you want a good reliable bike in a 250 for commuting, you can't go past a VTR.
  8. If you're buying from new, you do an inspection at 1000km and the first service at 6000km, servicing every 6000km after that. On my VN250 the inspection cost me $140, and I just had my 6000km service done on the ZZR last week for $249.

    Fair enough. There's plenty of advice here on Netrider to help you accomplish pretty much anything. Me, I'm happy to pay the money for servicing while the bike is still under warranty. I also get only 3/4 of a day off per week, and mucking about with bike mechanics is not how I want to spend (even a small portion of) it.

    However, I am keen to learn about this stuff and also keen to save a few bucks, so once the bike is out of warranty I will probably start working on it myself.

    As I said, everything has been covered here before and theres lots of people willing to contribute their excellent advice (but do the polite thing and search for your topic first, it can be frustrating for the netrider gurus to repeat the answer to 'how do I do an oil change' five times a week!!)
  9. Faired bike = bike with fairings = engine and other bits covered by fibreglass (or similar) panels to provide better aerodynamics and protection from the elements = ZZR250

    Naked bike = bike without fairings = nothing covering the engine or other bits, you can see all the guts, less protection and aerodynamics but also less to break if it goes over = VTR250
  10. nothing wrong with imports, as long as they aren't bikes pieced together from a box of spare parts, which is common with some importers/shops.

    my bandit 250 is a perfect example of a GREAT import. it's 100% standard, and i can buy parts for it from my local suzuki dealer over the counter. filters, oil, brake pads, etc, all over the counter and in stock.

    the misconception of imports being "bad" and to "stay away from them" is only due to some bad bikes out there that have given imports in general, a bad name.

    so don't let an import scare you off. they're usually cheaper than the locally delivered bikes, and are, in some cases, identical to them too!

    look for the compliance date, and the build date. some shops say "2005 ZZR250" (for example), when in fact it's a 1992 mdl compliance in 2005. that's a pretty common trap with imports.

    hope this helps, and enjoy your search for a bike.