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Recommendation for good driving instructor Western Burbs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Paul.R1, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. I know it aint for the bike so not sure if this post will be deleted or not, but helping to look for a good instructor for someone that has never driven before (also planning them to do an off road driving course as well). Location is in Sunshine and any help would be appreciated (i have no idea what is out there now days since getting my licence longgg ago).

  2. stumpy's boarding school for bikes

    you drop your bike off, no need for you to stay, you go home.

    come back in 4 weeks and you're bike will be well behaved. $400.

    shall i fill out an enrolment form for you?
  3. heh sure u posted in the right thread? looking for a driving instructor, not a boarding school for the bike ;)
  4. yeah yeah, that's what YOU think. what you really need is stumpy's boarding school.
  5. After all the years of riding that spewzuki it's killed some brain cells.

    If it's not motorcycle related, do you reckon it belongs in here then?
  6. not ridden one of them for about 3 years now ;)

    Now you had something to do tonight (like move my post to the right area) and just that fraction less bored ;)

    Not even realize there was an off topic area, I do not venture this far down the forums at work.
  7. off topic's good. off top and general are the only 2 i do. stick around
  8. Good-o You been well?
    We should catch up?
  9. Vic:, yeah been well, started new job within Telstra at Clayton after 6 yrs of working for another company in the City.. back to 24 hr shifts again and getting use to commuting more then 15k's a day ;), least most my shifts avoid peak hour.

    yeah should catch up one day,, lol not alot has changed here.. gf had gotten her learners so looking for a good instructor (i wont do it yet as too stressful when she 1st learns).. other then that, same old here..