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Recommendation For First Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by WeeBubba, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. my first post on these forums so hello to everyone

    im looking to buy my first bike which will be for travelling to/from work and everyday usage. i aint never been on a bike before, i aint evern applied for my plates yet or looked into that, so im really starting from scratch here. although im 36 years old and been driving for 19 years so i got some road sense.

    i just looked at the NSW approved bike list and im a bit bewildered not knowing the first clue about bikes. (the approved bike list is linked off the stricky, for some reason it wont let me post the url until ive made 5 posts)

    im a tall guy (6ft 2) and would like a bike i can learn on and will be a good beginners bike. i kinds like the off road style ones with the chunky tyres etc. if that make sense!

    could you folks recommend some of them models to me so i can start looking at prices for second hand. apologies if this post is naive in any way, but like i said i really am hitting this thing from scratch! cheers
  2. im 177cm tall and 95kgs, the ZZR250 is fantastic!

    If you're planning to get a bigger bike after restrictions then just get any cheap bike you can get for the mean time.

    As for riding everyday, get something with more of an upright position because the supersports bikes are uncomfortable.
  3. Hi!

    I was in the same situation as you last year, same age and experience too! I am 6'3" and can highly recommend the Kawasaki KLE500, for a LAMS bike it is a lot of fun, not massively powerful but has good torque so acceleration is great! Check out the pic in the link to the left.

    You can't buy these new anymore though. However I am likely to be looking to sell my bike next month (first registered March 2009, 1500km, warranty until March 2011), this is my 2nd KLE as I wrote off the first one in Feb and it was probably the last new one at a dealer in NSW if not the country.

    Happy for you to come and have a look/sit if you want.

  4. if you are going to use it as a everyday commute then i suggest, cruiser/ sports tourier type bike. ZZR250 is a good little bike, the Twin makes it very torquey. vtr250 is not a bad bike either. if your a bigger bloke, i think the honda CB400 is on the lams (or there is a lams version) or suzuki GS500
  5. It does depend on your budget. How much do you want to spend on a bike? Remembering you need helmet, jacket, pants, boots, glove, license, rego, tax, all the other stuff I've forgotten about (like, service costs for the bike if its old).
  6. GS500 is a top learner bike. They're big, comfy and easy to ride. I reckon these bikes make for a great commuter.

    and now for what i actually want you to get:wink: :LOL:

    This is only if you don't mind a hefty price tag and want buckets of fun... go a Motard... yup i said it... Motard. God's gift to the motorcycling community.

    If you've lived out your life feeling empty and without purpose, a motard will change everything.

    Buy one today!


    hell buy one everyday! You'll love it!
  7. I'm gonna say the dirty word.
    Hyosung. 2007 or newer.
  8. Buyer beware!

    only purchase with extended warranty of the extended warranty! Motorcycles prone to rust straight from the factory floor! Get your hyosung today! Pure quality for well informed learners!

    Who needs an engine anyway! Look how great this baby looks! It'll have you walkin(and pushing) in style! :LOL:
  9. Your spoon isn't too big, you're a banana.
  10. Basically agreeing with what people have suggested already :)

    I've been riding my ZZR250 for about 8 months now, still find it a fantastic learner bike. Commute about 400km a week, it's got a comfy position (i'm 6'4'') and I'm a sucker for fairings. Not as zippy as a CBR or a ninja maybe, but get the revs up there and I find its got plenty of fun packed in the engine. If you like the naked look the VTR is a sexy machine. Rode my bros a few times, definitely got more grunt at low revs and prolly feels more nimble at lower speed. If ya want more grunt and got the cash, like others said the suzuki GS500 is sweet.

    A new option - Sachs Madass 125!!! Reeaaaally wanna test ride one of these! :grin:

  11. As a cheap bike to use whilst on restrictions the Madass is a tonne of fun. However it is definitely a filler until an upgrade as there is only so much performance you can coax out of a 120cc Chinese engine. Then again, you can always buy the 170cc performance engine from ooracing :LOL:

    Myself, I am keeping my Madass even after I upgrade as it is perfect for city commuting and general running about ($4 a week in petrol, 180km's a tank).
  12. Pay a visit to a few dealers, find something that takes your fancy, then research the shit out of it.

    Visiting bike shops always gives me the bug to buy another bike :p
  13. Get off yer hyo horse mate!

    Sounds like its ready for its first service and engine rebuild! :LOL:

    Abominations they are!