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Recommendation for Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Damzz, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Hi NR,

    I've been thinking about getting bluetooth for my helmet.

    Is it possible to let me know of your experience of using bluetooth whilst riding?

    Is it worth getting it? I've had a look like and noticed they range in price from about $150 - $400.

    Any brands that you would recommend or the best place to buy it

    Also I am on my red p's is it possible for me to use bluetooth or is that a big no no?
  2. im using the Aldi $60 one. you can still get them i believe.
  3. Hi! All your restrictions for your P Plates on your car apply to your P Plates on your motorbike, I was told. Unsure of where you're located though.

    A couple of friends have the Scala G...4 I think, they are impressed with it, and it sounds crystal clear when you're talking to them whilst riding. Ebay is cheaper, but keep an eye out that the things do what you want before you buy. I'll be buying the same model as them, just so that we can link via the rider-to-rider intercom.. much easier than shouting at each other at the lights..

    Oh, easier than headphones too!
  4. Sena SMH10. Easy to use with gloves.
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  5. Sena SMH10 +1

    Great set and works well. Can use with speakers or headphones. Big advantage soon is that it will also decode other BT intercom units so you can use it as an intercom with other riders as well.

    Cheers Spocky
  6. Hi Guys,

    After doing the last trip from Sydney to Phillip Island and back and using the el-cheapo version of the Sena bluetooth headset, I realized how important it is to have a good set of headsets that enables you to listen to music for long stretch of roads (over 8 hours in one go) and also get the directions from the iPhone in-built GPS without the need to constantly look at the map.

    The cheap bluetooth system I had worked very well considering its limited features and quality, so I am now thinking I deserve something better with more advanced features to make the ride next time even more enjoyable.

    I have decided that Sena SMH10 is what would suit my needs, but I have a couple of questions please:

    * When paired with the iPhone does the Sena unit auto-answers incoming phone calls if left rining? I don't want to be pressing any buttons while am riding to answer phone calls and the cheap bluetooth unit I currently have auto-answers after 5-6 rings.

    * Is the Sena unit able to be paired to more than one Bluetooth device at the same time? By this I mean, can I pair it with an iPhone, a stand-alone GPS and a Bluetooth radio and then listen to the Music from the iPhone and instructions from the GPS at the same time?

    * Is the Sena dial easy to operate using gloves? One of the shortfalls of my current set-up is that I had to do a lucky guess when pressing the little buttons on it to advance the track or lower the volume.

    * Does the Sena have a mute button I can press to shut the sound off completely? This actually drove me a bit mad with the current unit, as everytime we stopped and one of the riders in the group wanted to ask me something, I had to turn the bluetooth unit completely off to be able to hear them and then when finished I had to go through the pairing process all over again to get it to work. It was causing me un-necessary delays at every stop we made.

    Thanks for your help.
  7. yes. It can multipoint pair to 2 devices and selective pair to the phone or media profile. There is a stack of use cases in the instruction manual.

    For example I've got CB radio, 2 phones, media player and GPS hooked up to one SMH10.

    yes. It has a big jog dial which doubles as a button, and a smaller phone button at the back.

    No mute button, one flick of the jog dial will turn the volume down to 0.
  8. Thanks mate.

    Does it auto-answers incoming calls and then reverts back to the music track that was initially playing before the call came in?
  9. SMH10 has voice activated answer
  10. Yes it reverts back to the music track when the phone call ends
  11. Awesome stuff. Thanks for the answers.

    Better go and buy one now. :)
  12. There's not a lot between the major brands in bluetooth headsets to be honest - it comes down to preferences.

    Example - I have the Scala G4 units, and don't have a problem at all with the buttons, even using heavy winter gloves. Auto volume control based on surrounding noise levels takes care of most button usage.
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  14. Thanks for the heads-up. Maybe I should wait until the new firmware is available next month before buying one. Saves me the hassle of doing the firmware upgrade later on.
  15. I have had a SENA for about three years now, and it has run faultlessly all that time. The battery still holds enough juice for at least 6 hours of riding listening to music without any need to recharge. I recently went on a ride with my wife and an instructor (as she is doing her R test soon) and all three could talk at the same time.

    Only complaint is that I missed out on the change over when they moved to USB charging, so I still have an unusual cable to charge it. Newer ones are same charging as phones.
  16. Firmware updates are a piece of piss, and if you are a registered user they give you the option to run the beta of the next FW version if you want.

    I honestly can't fault the SMH10.
  17. Another question guys sorry....

    Getting a bit confused as to which SMH10 kit to order, as there seems to be 2 of them available, one with a single boom type of mic and the other kit which is $10 bucks dearer comes with 2 microphones (I think it's called the universal kit).

    I have a full face helmet.

    I also noticed that the smaller version, the SMH5 has an option of using FM radio with the ability of having stations pre-set. The FM option however is not available for the SMH10 kit or at least I couldn't find any on the net as yet.
  18. For a full face helmet the wired mic is better than the boom mic.

    The key difference between the 5 and the 10 is battery life extra 2 hours, and range extra 400m

    The 10 doesn't come in a FM radio version.
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  19. I got the SMH10R and its been great

    It is essentially the exact same thing as the SMH10, only redesigned into a low profile case. Much slimmer and less noticeable
    The trade off is no jog dial which means slightly less easy to use

    BUT its barely noticeable on my black helmet. I mainly use it for google maps and music from my iPhone
  20. I also use a Sena SMH10. Two years, and no problems at all.

    Just in case you are interested, the battery life on this thing is actually quite phenomenal. Then again, I think most of the Bluetooth out there have good battery life.