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Recommendation for a Super Commute

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by oby_2, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    My wife and I have bought a property 130km from work. Long story...

    Anyway, knowing that there is a lot of traffic between one and the other, the plan is to commute by bike, however I'm wondering whether I should look at something purpose built for running up K's. Problem is, this is not anything I have considered before as I've been into nakeds and motards.

    Are there any recommendations from those out there with touring or long commuting experience? I've had a search of the forums but haven't found anything as yet, so your thoughts are appreciated.

  2. If it's a fun commute, stick with the nakeds. If it's a boring one, maybe get something like a diversion 900 so you have something comfortable and unkillable that you can stick 1000km a week on and not stress.

    What else is good... Old VFR800s pre-VTEC, VFR750, Bandit 1200S, perhaps some of those old boxer beemers...
  3. Have seen couriers running ~250,000km on their CBR600Fs.
  4. 130km!! you'd service the tard twice a week :p

    since your into tards and naked's then i will assume you are a "real man" and dont need that sissy fairing crap getting in the way. :popcorn:

    big naked thats not too highly stung and wont fall in a heap with some real k's on it.

    bandit 1250n(aked). fun fun bike to ride, bargain, looks nice and theese things put on 100,000's or k's
  5. For that kind of mileage i'd want a shaftie with long oil change intervals.

    Personal choice would be a Beemer of some description. Ex Police R1100/R1150RT springs to mind. Big fairing for crap weather, good handling, comfy and relaxed, with staggering longevity potential if serviced regularly. Not too exxy either, which is a major consideration when you're doing 1300 kms a week as, unless you change bikes really frequently, anything you buy will be worthless/unsaleable fairly quickly.

    Any of the big Jap shafties would do the job as well, but I've no direct experience of any of them. Mind you, if I needed a high kms expendable express, I'd be tempted to buy a GoldWing, mask off the legally required lights and instruments and point a spraygun of matt black at it, just to upset people :grin: .
  6. You know, I've been looking at the Police Beemers cause I was thinking it might slow some of the tradies in their hig powered utes down when I come up at them, or just create space in general. Might revisit that and keep an eye on the auctions.

    I'm actually rebuilding an XJ900 shaft drive now, so hopefully I'll go with both and then have at least one of the buggars on the road constantly. As you say, what I buy will be mine forever as I'll be doing so many K's no-one will want them.

    Cheers lads,
  7. postie bike...

    Ride the whole way on the footpath if traffic is jammed up, and at $800 each, buy a new one rather than paying for a service when due...
  8. At 1300k a week I'd be looking at a small diesel car :shock:
    I reckon a bike (overall) just wouldn't be economical at those distances week in week out.
  9. any rail links nearby? I'd go for rail over commute anyday, if it was convenient.

    I was talking to a courier the other day and his honda had well over 250k kms on the dial. You could always buy a dn-01 2 year unlimited km warranty i believe ... :bolt:
  10. I'll be travelling down the F3 from the lower hunter to Sydney CBD, so that is why I am considering the bike. A small diesel car will get caught in the jam that is the end of the F3 in the morning, and the train is all bloody stops and takes about 2-2.5hrs.

    At this stage I think it will be the XJ900 and then perhaps a BMW shafty for more comfort once the mortgage looks less scary. Rebuild is coming together nicely after getting a few hours in over the weekend.

  11. +1 on the big ex-cop Beemer, made to look as much like a cop bike as you can without actually being charged with impersonating an officer. The seas of traffic will open before you like you were Moses.
  12. :shock: maybe you should get a girlfriend who lives close to your work & see the wife on the weekends.
  13. Or a dedicated gas Falcon. Cheapest most comfortable all weather transport I've ever owned. 10.5-11 litres/100 on the freeway. 15,000km services. Tyres last 80,000kms. Lets face it -alll you're doing is getting to work and back. Sit back, turn on the ac, listen to the radio and relax :) :)
  14. Welcome to the long commuters club! I do a 200k round trip into Melbourne 4 times a week. Don't necessarily be focussed on a 1l + bike. With these kms economy is a critical issue ( as is comfort!!) For the last 2 years I've been riding a zzr600 - great through the traffic when you get to town, comfortable and quick on the freeway, and averages 4.6l/100km. I'm soon to change to a new bike - looking at Vstrom 650 or maybe a TDM900. ( I want a bike that will be the same or better economy- remember that petrol will probably get to $2 / litre some time next year, and that will really hurt us long distance riders more than the weekend fanger or round the town rider.) For long commuting on a regular basis you need to work out a long term strategy - at what point will you change over bikes ( maximising re-sale etc), making sure reliabiliity is the key etc.
    The guy who services my bike is from the UK, and he keeps reminding me that in Europe, people do big k's on what we call mid-size bikes, hence the popularity for bikes in the 500-750 range. Also his take is the cost of consumables etc. is much cheaper as TCO.
    there's lots of exotic bikes on the market I'd love to buy, but as far as regular commuting goes, you have to balance the head with the heart.
    Anyway - enjoy the benefits of the living out of town, and the fun of riding to work. (I've done it for years - and it still beats sitting in crappy traffic to get to work from one side of town to the other!!!)
  15. I'd not be riding.

    You realise that you're going to be going through at least $1500 worth of tyres a year - and that's assuming you get over 20,000 per set!

    EL Falcon on gas. I'd biking for fun on weekends or occasional trips on especially nice weekdays.
  16. zprices - Good thoughts. Guess I went straight to big tourers for the comfort factor, but something like a 600 ZZR might be a goer as well. I'll have to think on it some more. Did my first commute this morning in the car as it's the 23rd it was a piece of piss and only an hour and a half. My old Saab just loves the freeway and will do for now.

    MacManMike - Surely there is a better option than $1500 worth of tyres? I'll only be commuting 3-4 times a week and I would've thought there is something designed for this type of work. Good thought though, so I'll have to get googlin.

    Cheers, oby
  17. Well, assuming you're not spending much time in the twistery, if you're determined to ride rather than drive, an ex-cop Beemer with ABS, the very cheapest No-Namo tyres you can find and a healthy dose of defensive riding will cut your costs without too much risk to life and limb.

    Dunno that I'd want to try it with a non-ABS bike though, although this was standard practice in my younger, poorer days.
  18. yeah have to agree that a car (LPG) is probably a better option than a bike. price wise it will work out better. There is also a lot of risk in what you proposed. You will be in all kinds of weather and breathing in commuter pollution is not good. I have a BMW road bike and it is awful in a commute as I tend not to go between lanes due to the size and just not what it was made for. My family live in Hunter and I have driven on the F3 quite a bit and the peak hour drivers change lanes into spaces that are barely a car length. it is a dodgem circus act.
  19. I'd buy a Diversion 900 for that sort of use, the tyres are cheap to buy (old fashioned sizes) and the shaft drive and motor will do hundreds of thousands of kms and it is very cheap to service.

    An ex police BMW would do a similar job but would cost more to get serviced and the tyres are wider at the rear so a bit more expensive.
  20. Ye gods men, this is a motorcycling forum! Falcon, Bah! :LOL:

    CX500 is the answer: ~$300 for a set of metzelers (last a long time), very good fuel economy, very little initial outlay (~1K), enough power to get out of a sticky situation & shaft drive!

    If you get one with crash bars (standard) you can even throw it down the road, pick it up & ride off!

    Probably still a few on the road in the UK with with lotsa K's on the clocks, very popular courier bike, for good reason.

    Good day. :LOL: