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Recommendation about good service in Melbourne near Balwyn?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Alex Dors Hoffmeister, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. Need to instal a Barracuda exhaust on my K1300R. Does someone has a good and honest place to recommend? I found a place named Ghost Riders googling it. Cheers

  2. If this is a slip on, could you not do it yourself?
  3. I am concerned that it could require any change on cal mapping. I can be wrong though.
  4. Mick Hone in Box Hill.
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  5. Gooza, thx for the encouragement. I did it myself.

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  6. Twistngo, Mick Hone told me to take my BMW in a BMW centre. Thx anyway!
  7. I just took my K1300R "Mona Lisa" to annual service at BMW Southbank. After have going around at places like BMW Doncaster, Suzuki Mike Hone, High Octone and BM Motorcycles, in my personal opinion the service provided by Tony and his team at BMW Doncaster is unbeatable. A little costoy though. Again, just my opinion.
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  8. I mean, Tony and his team at BEN South bank...