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Recommend the perfect bike for Tassie

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Sitting Bull, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. I've been patiently saving, watching and waiting since getting off my restrictions and selling my GS500 in October last year. I'm looking for a bike that's best suited for our roads here in Tassie. I'm considering the VFR1200F, Sprint GT, FJR or even the GTR1400 and I'm wondering if there are others that I should be considering. My selection must be based on the following criteria:
    Good 2 up.
    Able to be and preferably kitted up with hard panniers and top box.
    Loves our corners. If you have ridden here, think Hellyer Gorge.
    I would be commuting on it, doing weekend trips around our wonderful island and day trips through the twisties on a regular basis.
    I've test ridden a Sprint GT which I found very different in tight corners than my GS500. I'm not sure if there was something wrong with the bike or not but it felt like it was going to throw me off in tight corners. I couldn't corner with it all but perhaps I just needed to get used to it. Also I was suffering quite severe wrist pain after 30 mins on the bike but that also maybe because I wasn't used to the bike.
    I've also test ridden a Honda VFR1200F which I liked a lot. It was a short ride but I found it the most comfortable bike I've ever been on and seriously contemplating waiting a few more months till I have enough for a new one.
    I've got around $15K to play with at the moment.
    Anyway, anyone that knows our roads, understands my needs and has some experience with specific models of bikes, I'd love to hear from you.

  2. My dad owns the FJR and I've been two up on it, the seats are really comfortable and the electronics on that bike work great, the panniers and top box seem to be able to store a decent amount of stuff for a motorcycle and dad doesn't complain :) but I suggest you test ride it, as well as all the other bikes
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  3. Ninja 1000 ? Has hard panniers, goes like hell, not sure about passenger comfort
  4. The perfect bike for Tassie is none of those :p

    We have some of the best roads in the country if not the world, get a sports bike, take less luggage, and have fun, rather than compromise
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  5. I'd say the vfr. Also throw the k1300s into the mix
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  6. Worth considering an Aprilia Caponord 1200. Test rode one while looking for my current bike, wasn't really right for what I wanted but was impressed nonetheless. I decided I'd rather have a bike with a horrendous pillion seat and spend most of my day at petrol stations =D Definitely meets your brief in terms of 2-up comfort and luggage, good fuel range and surprisingly sporty engine / handling. There's a second hand one on the island pretty close to your budget, although it's a different style of bike to the VFR / Sprint GT. Always hard with bikes to find one that does everything well, there are always compromises!
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  7. Unless you really want the weight of the big sports tourers (more about long boring bit with some fun in the tight stuff) I'd look carefully at the MT09 Tracer (fantastic value), Ninja 1000 and even the adventure tourers (Tiger 800 XR/XRx) which you could probably get new for the sort of money you have.
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  8. Hey Sitting Bull, I'm with basejumper and kalkadar, the ninja 1000sx would be a great sporty tourer, still nimble enough for the corners but able to carry two up and do long miles comfortably
    take your time and do test rides, great time buying a new bike :) enjoy
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  9. Some interesting food for thought and a couple more contenders there.
    Watching this vid at the moment, quite interesting.

    The Ninja looks to be well worth considering, although the pillion may disagree.
  10. a vfr 800 would suit your needs better lighter easier to ride and comfy two up
  11. Yep I'm with Kalkadar I just brought a tracer yesterday (delivery in about 3-4 weeks time) I will be doing a tassie trip on it for my 30th, I got mine for $15k including on roads brand-new, Once I road the tracer that was it, I plan to do a lot of camping with it not any major off-road stuff, but there will be gravel roads. The best part with the tracer is you can ride it like a sports bike they go like a rocket! Definitely worth a test ride!
  12. i would say any bike would be perfect !
    but then if i could pick one it would be some sort of duelly- sport thing... so you can feel free to go where ever the hell you want.
    a gs or multistrada or a ktm beast... the new adventure thing- to me would be the ultimate - heaps of power, comfort, and electrickery.
  13. Bike for Tassie - It'd have to have 2 Windshields wouldn't it?

    C'mon you can't throw out bait like that and not expect a bite.

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  14. Given the roughness of some of the B and C roads in Tassie, I'd be inclined to suggest one of the road-oriented "adventure touring" bikes on account of their slightly longer travel, slightly softer suspension compared to a true sportsbike or sports-tourer. A hard-edged sportsbike might be a bit too stiff on the rougher roads?

    e.g. suggesting bikes like the Triumph Tiger Sport, Tiger 800XR, Ducati Multistrada, etc. Not sure how sports-tourers like the VFR800/etc go there.

    (That said, my Tiger 1050's suspension was a bit soft to enjoyably keep up with the pace set by Vic and Brownny on Lake Leake Road...)
  15. Only if not set up correctly, which is no different to any bike. You wouldn't come out with a track setup that's for sure

    Some of our roads are rough, but the good riding ones are pretty good surface wise, which is why its good to be on something that's not a compromise when you get there.
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  16. I'll be staying on the bitumen. I might get a cheap road/trail for the rough stuff down the track. For now, something with electronic adjustable suspension might be handy but probably out of my price range. To be honest I've never liked the look of the adventure type bikes. I took a BMW G650GS for a test run when on my L's and didn't like it. For one thing, I like to get my feet firmly on the ground when stopped. I'm not sure how it compares to other bikes in it's class. Perhaps I could be swayed, the KTMs don't look too bad.
    I do like the look of the K1300S but we don't get many of them around here for sale secondhand. From memory, there was issues with the timing chains on them, which is a worry. We are very limited with second hand bike options here which makes things difficult. I have contemplated getting something from the north island but it seems like a lot of drama that I'd rather avoid at this stage.
  17. The KTM that springs immediately to mind is 990SMT - is that too tall? Pretty light, good handling even two-up, not as exxy now that they aren't being made any more.
    Rather than the GTR14 I'd go straight to the ZZR. I think they're plenty comfortable enough and much better in corners.
    You're right about the Sprint GT, there is something wrong with it. The swingarm is just a stretched version of the one on ST model, and upsets the balance of the bike. Try an ST and feel the difference.
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  18. I'm not sure if the 990SMT is too tall or not Titus. Rare as hen's teeth around here I would say but you never know. You might be right about the swing arm on the GT, it did cross my mind as well that it could be a source of the problem with the feel of the bike. I will try and find an ST to take for a spin. I'm not sure how much weight there is to people's complaint about the exhaust creating too much heat for the pillion but worth contemplating anyhow.
  19. 2015 BMW R1200R. Heated grips, cruise, electronic suspension adjustment, has factory hard luggage, has provisions for gps and a power outlet.

    Handles brilliantly! Better than my previous Ducati.. I know, sacrilege.
  20. i remember someone on here got a sprint a couple of years ago titus- dropped a whole lot of money into it trying to get it right and was still not happy with it...?