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Recommend scooter for tall guy

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by oldmick, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Hi Folks,

    Looking to buy my first scooter, probably 150-200cc range, for around town with odd freeway trip.

    I'm 190cm and 90kg - any particular recommendations, or won't size matter too much?
  2. Being tall you may want to try a bigger size scoot.

    Have a look @ the Suzuki Burgman 250, Honda Forza-X 250, Bug Hawk 250, Piaggio X8 or Beverly 250, a Bolwell Firenze or Gmax 250, SportCity or Scarabeo 250 to name a few.

    I could go on and on, but the best advice I can give you is the old “try ‘em all†and see which one fits better and is within your budget – haggle hard!

    Ask for a test ride.

    Good luck

  3. +1, you gotta try them,
    same seat hight, but
    a)wider seat
    b)wider scoot
    c) hight of handlebars
    all these could make a world of difference..
    So go and test ride

    also, as you just joined us, you might want to read this!!
  4. I'm the same size as you and have a Burgman 650.

    Don't let the size or weight intimidate you. Once they're rolling, they're just as agile as any scoot I've ever owned. (Possible exception being a Peugeot Speedfight- which was just mad fun but totally impracticable for me)

    If licensing restrictions are an issue, the I would agree with previous posters ie, Burgman 250 / Majesty 250 or Forza 250. All highway capable and loads of fun for us tally's. (Good resale too)
  5. Well I'm pretty lanky myself (see photo of me and the wee beastie in my siggy) and have no probs zipping about in town on my Hyosung Rally 50 (tho' the Hi-way is a different ball game all together)... but as you want something a tad bigger... try the Hyosung Rally 100 - esssentially the same machine as mine just with the larger engine... and certainly Hi-way capable... If it performs as reliably as my lil' 50 has it may be one to look at...

    ...but I think the best advice has already been given...

    Test ride 'em all... :)
  6. You should be okay with just about all scooters in that capacity range. At that capacity I'd guess you are after a normal scooter (not a maxi) so probably just make sure that you've got some clearance between your knees and the kneeguards. I'm 6'4 and I've got a Yamaha Jog in the stable as an emergency bike which I have enough room on (I rode it today!). Probably looks funny to bystanders but it's great fun to ride!
  7. Many thanks to you all.

    Happy Christmas and safe riding in 2008.