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Recommend me a Sports Boot

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nightgash, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm in the market for some riding boots. I want something that offers high protection, thats comfortable to walk around in and will last.

    I have my eyes on the Sidi Vertigo Boot or Sidi B2 boot. Does anyone have any opinions on these? Are the Vertigo boots comfortable to walk in? Also I'm not really sure about the Alpine Star range. From $350-450 what type of model should I be looking at?

  2. I picked up a pair of Forma boots (no type of boot mentioned on them) for $260. They fit the bill; come up to mid calf, fairly large amount of rigid armor (shins, full heel protection, toes, outside heel), replaceable ankle and toe sliders, waterproof and comfortable enough to walk a fair distance with them.

    Recommended, good value for money in my opinion.

  3. Thanks for your replies. Anyone heard of the manufacturer called SETUP? They have some nice sports boots for under $300 called VISION.


    Wow look what I found

  4. I have the Vertebra 2, very similar to the B2, great boot wear them all day long... can walk around a bit but I wouldn't say they were comfy to walk around in the whole day long. Another poor point is that they SQUEEEAK. The plastic bits on the spine rub against each other and can be annoying.

    On the other hand they have saved my feet in a low side. and definitely saved my shins from road debris.
  5. I like some of the Sidi & Oxtar range if i had the money i'd get them maybe later on down the track :LOL:

    Go for somthing you feel comfortable in and that suits your budget :grin:

    i settled for Diadora Evolution Boot got them for a good price :grin:
    Mine are red/silver/black

  6. Thanks for your help everyone.

    Anyone have a pair of Sidi Vertigo Boots?

    In future I hope to go to track days so would the Vertigo Boots be a good choice?
  7. Mmmm Alpinestar expensive but people say they are the best.

    Where could I think Gaerne boots in and around melbourne?
  8. Has anyone used the Joe Rocket Speedmaster 2.0 boots? They look totally awesome, and from wearing them around the shop - they seem pretty comfortable too... I think RRP is just under $350?
  9. i bought a pair of nordic dri riders for $120 down from $190 and they are a great boot i highly reccomend them
  10. I spent some time in the Sidi vertigo boots, they are great! Im going with the waterproof version. Super comfy, cant go wrong, italian made whereas the alpinestars are more expensive and not as well made.. reports of stitching coming apart from the sole..

    Sidi is the way to go.. Been making boots for like 20+ years i hear...
  11. I have decided on the Sidi Vertigo. Will probably pick them up from Riders Edge sometime soon after next pay.

  12. Good choice
  13. I can recommend these ive been wearing these for a while now

    they are very confortable once we went to the river for a swim and we walked about half a K to get to the swimming spot

    every now and then i forget to take my work shoes in so im left wearing these all day other then getting hot they are fine
  14. I have the Vertigo Tepor. They are a waterproof race boot and are fantastic. Very comfortable, heaps of protection and waterproof as well (tested).

    Important to note is that each company has a different idea about boot and feet sizes. You might find that the Sidi boots just don't fit and that the A*s do. The best thing is to go to a good shop, set a budget, and try them all on, and buy a boot, not a brand.

    I can recommend Bike Mart in Ringwood for range and advice. They are keen on pricing as well (especially if you are a Netrider).
  15. I got a pair of garne grs i got in good nick for half price on ebay.

    They're fantastic! Great feel, confidence inspiring, comfortable with great protection. Ok to walk around in too though i'd rather not.

  16. cejay, I like the tepor for the waterproof aspect - mind if I ask what you paid?

    Further if you dont wear your pants tucked into the boots is there fitment issues at the front of the shin when using shin pads? Ie: large amouts of gap? I tried some on with standard pants and no shin pads and of course a large gap - with the pads does this close up?

    Just like to know whats the best way to wear them..

    How are they for street use? from my quick demo they seemed very comfy.
  17. Price: I paid $445 at Bike Mart.
    I use the boots with both leather and Draggin style jeans. The leather pants I wear tucked into the boot and use the little ratchet adjuster at the back to set the fit. With Draggins I wear the jeans over the boot and the use the ratchet to remove the gap.

    They were water tested in Tassie on two days. Both times I was wearing leather pants inside the boot with NO waterproof overpants. My feet stayed dry. The second time we got wet it was over 3 hours of drizzle, rain and mist and the feet still stayed dry.

    Comfort wise they are awesome. I used to wear Gaerne as that was the only other boot that fitted. But when I went to replace the old ones Gaernes no longer fitted me well (hence the comment about how you need to try them all on). I wore them all round Port Arthur site, anytime we were checking stuff out in Tassie, at the World Supers around the circuit, you get the idea. They really are (for me), very very comfortable.

    I really have been impressed. If they are in your price range, definitely worth a check. I mean, a race boot that's water proof!