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Recommend me a second bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MelbourneMick, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. As the title says....recommend me a second bike....if you would be so kind.

    Purpose - For commuting a few days a week 35km round trip and a runabout for the burbs. Road use only.

    Will not be carrying a pillion so light and nimble is fine.

    Cheap to run fuel wise so probably something around the 250cc - 400cc

    Something easy to maintain that doesn't require NASA to service it or some specialised 'rare' bike shop in the back blocks bumfkidaho. Maybe even so it can be tinkered with in the shed by myself.

    It will be a second bike and i need to keep the cost down.
    Looks are not important so open to suggestions from all styles of bike.

    a lowish seat height would be good as I am 5" 7". The Gixxer has 810mm and that is easy as for me as a guide.

    and now the kicker..... Like to keep purchase price under $3k

    Muchas Gracia Amigos
  2. Old VTR250?

    Not sure on Melb prices, but i'm sure the prices will be close :)
  3. Best choice would easily have to be a GPX250 (it's what I bought for much the same purpose).

    Easy to work on, since you don't need to remove the fairings for most jobs - and the Ninja250 FAQ site has detailed instructions on just about everything (plus I doubt there'd be a bike mechanic out there who hasn't worked on one before). Parts are cheap, fuel economy at worst is around 5l/100km (down around 3.5 if you're careful), and there's no shortage of good examples under 3k now that noobs all want Ninjas instead. Seat height is much lower than the Gixxer (the GPX is also quite a skinny bike which helps even more).
  4. zzr 250...big comfy seat...low to the ground and has the same engine as gpx/ninja 250 ...so is easy to fartass around with
  5. thank you thank you keep 'em coming.

    should i stick to looking at road bikes or are there any cheap road / traileys that would do the job?
  6. Plenty of traileys would do the job, but finding one with a low seat height would be the tricky part.
  7. Inunderstand the seat height on those can be a little deceptive though. With the seats being more narrow than a road bike your legs don't have to go out as much before they go down.
    I Know I can get tiptoes on a DRZ400SM
  8. Yeah you also have to take into account the fact that a trailey will typically have a lot more sag to the suspension. Still a lot more likely to get both feet firmly on the ground with a GPX though.
  9. Does it have to be a bike? :p
  10. Scooter free zone fella !
  11. that will go down a treat on the roads to work.

    "G'day Boss, do we have a hitching rail?"


    "Right that's it....where is my Union Delegate !"
  12. but back on track....what trailies would you suggest JD?
  13. Given your budget you could consider a Kinlon RT200 since they're only $2k brand new (minus the cost of rego). But then you have that classic problem of whether new Chinese is better than used Japanese (or Japanese-Chinese as is the case with many dirt bikes now).

    Japanese options would include:
    Kawasaki KLR250
    Yamaha TT-R 250
    Suzuki DR350
    Honda SL230
    There's also a few 400 and 600cc options, but I doubt you'd get those under 3k
  14. If it weren't for the <$3k price tag I'd be recommending my usual prescription of a DR650 with the suspension on low.

    As it is, how about a DT175? Loads more fun than a small four stroke trailie, stone-age simple to work on and a long lived classic to boot. Not sure about the seat height in actual numbers but they've always looked and felt tiny to me.
  15. Push bike and Gopro-you could be a star.
  16. Too much age on it and the seat would be too high Mick..................:D
  17. hadn't really thought of going under 250CC but your suggestion may just be warrant for investigation

    thanks !
  18. fixed that up for you
  19. so what your saying is to look at the LAMS Shetland Pony?