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Recommend me a leather jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kojihama, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. hey all,

    I'm in the market for a leather jacket (the summer textile just isn't cutting it at 6am anymore) and have no idea what to buy.

    I've tried on a few and found a M2R one that fitted well but then i've been doing some research and M2R seems to be more of a budget brand. I also like the Alpinestars GP Plus but the inner elbow section is textile I believe and i'm unsure whether or not rain would seep through during the wet.

    I've tried both jackets on and both seem reasonably comfortable. I'm probably going to buy OS as the dollar is just way too good. I can get the same jacket delivered for 50% of what they ask in Aus. As much as i'd love to support local stores, a $350 odd difference just doesn't cut the mustard sorry to say.

    So.. any recommendations on leather jackets?

    Thanks, Koj
  2. what model was the M2R..??.......... I had one and thought it was bloody great... now got an RST
    That said, think you'll find the stretch textile is more for close fitting, and breathability and Yes!... it does seep water.
    Got bad news for you though......... you dont really want to get a leather jacket soaking wet anyway.... they are a biatch to dry and takes forever, drying it properly.
  3. I don't know much about leather jackets, but I do know that if you want to keep the rain out - don't buy a leather jacket.

    Buy a thick warm leather one for the cold sunny days, and... something like these for the rainy cold ones:


  4. The M2R was the Revolver I believe.

    Hrm, food for thought regarding the textile component of the A*.

    LCase: thanks, but i'm also looking for leathers for a bit more protection too. Trying to not go overboard on jackets / clothing where possible. Would like to just keep it to one textile and one leather if possible.
  5. Could someone explain to me what "soft" armour is? I'm looking at another jacket and it's got "CE certified soft protectors" in the elbow and shoulders.

    Oh wait, now there's CE Certified "Bio" armour.. must be organic...
  6. Koji, they offer a LOT of protection.

    I'll let someone else explain the protection cause I'm too tired right now. Can't you just google it?
  7. I wear an oxford chillout shirt under my summer jacket and can wear it all year round in melb (when I want to wear textiles instead of leathers)
    also good under perforated leathers.
    if you want a leather jacket look at collins leather
    they are on ebay too

    ps if you get a leather jacket make sure it has the zips so you can attach it to pants later
  8. Already tried. I'm not the kind to usually ask unless I can't find the answer online myself. I can find "basic" details on what CE armour is; but i'm trying to find the difference for the "Soft" and "Bio" types.
  9. soft armour is padded armour in cloth, the other armor is hard plastic like those spine protectors
  10. Thanks Goz, much appreciated.

    Going off that it seems the Bio sounds more secure. Not 100% sure on what the actual statistics are like.

    I've added the A* CR and A* Velocity jackets to my list. First one has soft armour second has bio.
  11. www.spokes.com.au has some great info on protective gear.

    Ebay is worth a check for second hand, too - I scored a brand new Dainese leather jacket, tried the same size on in a shop first, and it was glove-ish. Luuuuuuucky me.
  12. Thanks Rogues, those Joe Rockets look very affordable!
  13. I have a A* TX-1 jacket, 100% perfect after a decent stack, armour worked a treat, I also know a guy that had a tx-1 and it survived 4 sides down the road with minimal repairs needed.

    The stretch panels (textile section) in the arms and sides are exactly that stretch panels so you can lean off the bike without restriction (these should be kevlar)

    You can waterproof you leather, snoseal is good (but they will still get wet of you are in heavy rain) good for the odd times you get caught out. I wear a waterproof hiking jacket over mine when i know there will be a decent amount of rain.
  14. Definately have a look at the Joe Rockets.

    I've had a Blaster 4.0 for the last 12 months. The ventilation on it is actually really good, and can still be worn when it's a little warm. The leather and stitching seems of good quality, as does the armour. Just read up on the sizing as I believe Joe Rocket stuff doesn't fit every body type easily.

    It's obviously not waterproof, but I use a little Dubbin and waterproofing on the textile panels and has kept the water out if riding through a light shower for a few minutes etc.

    Very happy with it overall, especially for $300. I doubt it would be too much cheaper from OS. I bought direct from the bikegearwarehouse shop in Sydney, but I believe their mail order system is pretty good.

  15. The M2R jackets are at the bargin end of the market. Like most things you get what you pay for.

    We've just bought an M2R jacket for our 14yr old, he seems pretty happy with it.

    As for keeping leather jackets dry, or more importantly keeping you dry, buy a waterproof overjacket.

    If I was ever to go back to wearing leather all the time and/or started doing track days I'd get a set of leathers tailor made.
  16. They are different style of jackets. The CR is more racing oriented and you want a snug fit to begin with as it's supposed to "mold" to your body shape after some time. By the look of it the Velocity is more for street riding so I think it's relaxed fit. A* racing jackets have numbered sizing, 48, 50, 52, etc. Street jackets are S, M, L, etc.

    People wear leather jackets for protection. It might be ok for brief period of light rain, but it is not something you want to be wearing during a downpour. Just remember water ruins leather.

    If you want to look good in leather, then you need a good fit, so don't think about buying 1 size up so you can layer up in winter. Which means a leather jacket might not be enough to keep you warm in colder days.

    So leather for protection (and look), textile for versatility (warmth and waterproofing).
  17. Thanks Peter! I've actually decided on the Velocity as I do just want a street riding leather jacket. I'm not and probably never really will be a racer (no offense to those who are). I am going for a medium Velocity jacket. I've tried on a few others and I lean towards a 42/52 and i've got a medium DriRider textile as well.

    Just gotta get the correct sizing for the RC back protector. I'm getting that and the bio chest guards too.
  18. Are you more comfortable with 50/52 or 52/54? Because if you are upgrading to Bionic chest and back protectors then you probably want a bit of room in the jacket to put them in. The foam armors that come with the jacket are thinner in comparison.

    Last year I ordered an A* Helius leather jacket in medium (I'm a size 52), while it was a really good fit all around, I wished I had ordered a large because I have been lazy not going to gym and put on a few inches over summer. So, just keep that in mind (not saying you will).

    Reminds me must go back to gym, especially they are still charging my credit card.
  19. 50 was so tight I could barely get my arms in and 54 waaay too loose around the shoulders.

    hahaha yeah, i'm working on my gut now.. I went OS to europe last year and put on 4kg's and I haven't been able to shake it.