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Recommend me a good back protector

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nightgash, May 7, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone it seems like Dainese are the leader in back protectors. I would like a full length back protector with kidney belt and was wondering if a cheaper brand would suffice or what model Dainese would you recommend?

  2. I picked up an rjays from the bike shop on dorset road for $99.00 and its fine dont really notice it on while riding and was more comfortable that other brand name ones i tried on
  3. hi mate, i think theres a couple of backprotector brands that offer the kidney belt. The ones i can think of are Dianese, rjays, ufo, and spidi. Theres probably more but i can think of them now.

    i bought this over the weekend.

    Was tossing up between that and the wave 2, but felt this one suited my budget better.
  4. $170.

    Thats the exact same one as I bought for $120 10 years ago the RRP was $150 back then. They haven't gone up in price too much.

    As far as Back protectors go, they are a hard plastic shell that covers the length of the spine. Some have kidney belts that I find great to ride with.
    Some don't come with them.

    There isn't a great amount of science that goes into them I wouldn't have thought.

    I know Extreme Clothing in Hoppers Crossing have reasonably priced protectors, might be worth a trip down or wait till Septembers competition to try and win one ;)
  5. If you look inside the shell (of my full length Dainese one anyway), it's actually made of some composite in a honeycomb pattern, which provides the best impact dampening.
  6. Granted, but that is not to say that other less known brands out there are made any better or any worse.

    There are many options out there, you DON'T have to spend big bucks to get a better product. Of course I am a big believer that you get what you pay for but some company's just plainly rip you off.
  7. Yes, I'm just saying that structurally a honeycomb mesh will provide the greatest impact absorption.
  8. i ended up paying $150 for mine from Action @ parra (love this store).

    re: aluminium honey comb - no one will ever know if this is better or not.
    plus that aluminium core is good for a once off only. thats abit of $$ for every off.
  9. I got a dainese wave i think thats what its called. It fitted the best of the lot, and it also is prob one of the best out there. Its ur back ur talking about, noting to stooge about. Talked down the price at PS for 50bucks, so i was happy.

    In both my crashes i never actually landed on it, so i cant tell how it would hold up in a crash, but i feel more confortable and safe with it on, on serious rides i always wear it.

    Any back protector is better then none, Get one, it could save u much pain and suffering in the future.

    Ohh yeah the honey comb mesh stuff, apparently absorbs better and lets the back protector breath more. Thus more confatable on hot days.
  10. How about the Alpinestar Bionic Protection Jacket instead. Only a little more than the wave 2 Dainese and has added protection?

  11. i couldnt find that one in the parramatta stores so i just got the dianese one instead lol.

    like vic said.. theres not to much difference between the lot. IMHO there all the same up to a point, then marketing gimmics take over.

    Theres a couple of other threads around on this forum which can help with more info. Search is ur friend :cool:
  12. Would people think I'm a nutter for wearing the Alpinestar Bionic Protection Jacket on a road bike? Is it designed for road riders or just dirt bikes? It seems the best value at $299 and thats only $30 or so more than the top Dainese Wave 2 which is just a back protector.
  13. Anyone know if any of the netrider partners stock the dainese? Something that must be tried on before being purchased.
  14. I think I'll just get the race tek back protector, the bionic armor will just be too bulky.

  15. You spelt WANKY wrong :p
  16. If you're buying a protector that claims CE certification, ask the salesperson whether it's certified to level 1 or level 2.

    Or better yet, do some Googling to see if you can find out for yourself.

    Level 2 is better, but not all protectors are tested to that standard. I believe the Dainese Wave meets level 2 standards, btw.
  17. I have found an interesting post regarding on back protector.
    on next post as this is my 5th post.
    We all need one, but we should have something which can really protect us.
  18. http://www.fireblades.org/forums/riding-gear-luggage/11890-back-protectors.html

    General information of CE marks on Back Protector

    "The most interesting piece of info from the T-Pro Body Armor site:

    "Back Protection for Motorcyclists--Only a few motorcyclists receive a direct blow to the spine causing serious injury; more spine injuries are probably due to direct blows to the shoulders and hips. The products commonly known as motorcyclists back protectors, if correctly designed and constructed may alleviate some minor direct impacts on the back, but will not prevent skeletal or neurological injuries to the spine in motorcycle accidents."

    T-Pro's Forcefield back protector is CE certified to the 1621-2 LEVEL 2 standards, making it one of the few that advertises meeting this higher level. They also claim that the "Armour Flex" material will absorb multiple impacts with the same effectiveness. However that doesn't necessarily mean that it should be used again after a crash, but, just like a helmet, it will protect against second or third blows in the same area in a crash. "
  19. From what I've been reading that TPro is one of the best currently on the market, also it's one of the most comfortable. It's also renamed as Speedmaster Back Protector by Joe Rocket.

    And it would cost around $200 shipped from newenough.
  20. I brought the T-Pro back protector and shirt, after doing a whole lot of research decided that this was the best on the market for me. The problem with hard shell protection is after 1 hit the protection is basically gone, in an accident there can be multiple hits. No back protection will protect against sideways hits, except possibly the Hit-Air jackets.