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Recommend Me A Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by searchingmofo, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Morning All

    Just need some suggestions for a bike that is going to suit my needs, ill be looking for around the 5/6K mark if possible. Ill test ride any style of bike, this is what ill be using her for-

    - Daily commute to work, 30 min of highway riding
    - Cheap on fuel
    - Reliable
    - Decent storage or the option to include large saddle bags for my weekly shopping (it will be my only form of transport for a while)
    - Pref something slightly agile and confidence insipring (there will be lots of city riding)

    Im fiding it hard to find a bike with fairing (highway speed riding) that has decent storage while still maintaining a semi agile feel for city riding.. all for 5/6K

    Any suggestions?

  2. My usual answer, DR650. I do 50km a day of highway and the lack of fairing really isn't a problem. There's not much (read "any") storage but that can be fixed with a rack and panniers, which are available if only from the US.

    Loads of fun in traffic or on twisty roads. Fuel is 5l/100km or a bit better. Hasn't gone wrong yet in 18000km of thrashing, neglect and outdoor parking. Tyres are less than $100 an end, or a bit more if you really want to push the boat out. Full service (DIY) costs <$50 even using oil apparently made from liquid gold and takes about 1 hr if you're slow.
  3. all motorbikes are cheap on fuel
    storage: backpack, panniers and/or top box/ventura bag&rack
    reliable: not a hyosung
    anything can cope with 30 mins of highway riding
    naked bikes are fine if it's only 30 mins of highway riding and very agile and flickable
    learner or fulls?
  4. decent storage
    hwy riding
    fuel efficient

    = bigger scooter.

    probably not as good on storage gs500F
  5. GS500F. Bit boring though...

    You can put saddle bags on most anything, not many bikes will have them standard.
  6. Pazzo lever fix everything.

    there are some good value second hand sv650s out there.

    there are some absolute bargain 600/4 triumphs out there (considering there were an ok, if bland bike). but be warned, you will have major trouble selling it.
  7. Suzuki Across.
    Faired, comfy enough for commuting, easy to use in traffic.
    Not really ballsy, but they have the gutlocker.
  8. Awesome !
  9. used to have a cbr125. 350km to a 10 litre tank. gets to 120 eventually. perfect bike for splitting. has a small ish storage section but a backpack or tailpack fixes all.
  10. Chrissybenn I'm not sure thats useful since he needs to go on the freeway.

    GS500F with a ventura rack and bag is what I'd get for your needs.
  11. Didn't think of that, how many HP do they add? :rofl: