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Recommend me a bike gear store in Brisbane Southside

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by keejoonc, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I just got my RE licence last week and currently looking to buy my first bike (Ninja 250R). I haven't bought any gears yet as I'll be buying most of the gear from the states. Obviously, I can't buy and wear imported helmet "legally" so I'll be buying the helmet locally. Can anyone recommend me a reputable store in Brisbane (preferably southside) where I can buy a helmet without getting ripped off?

    I'm budgeting upto $500 for the helmet (annoyed that I can't import one since it costs half what it costs here!) and $1,000 for jacket, pants, glove and boots.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I have no idea if it's going to be the best price, but I went to a shop in Moss Street. Another person told me about a riding gear warehouse in Yatala. Can't remember the name. Good range.

    Good luck!
  3. As for your jacket, pants and boots, seriously, import it.

    I just saved more than $700 by ordering stuff from fc-moto.de

    Amazing prices.

    You can get a 2 piece Alpinestars suit for $450ish shipped....less than half the price of Australian retailers!
  4. That yatala shop is

    AMA Clearance Warehouse

    6/4 Old Pacific Highway

    YATALA QLD 4207

    07 3386 1600


    If you just go to all the shops,
    eg springwood suzuki, the moss street shops, rocklea honda, brissy motorcycles and a few others look at what they have.

    Try http://www.hisideleathers.com/ as well, Which suprised me as i went there to get a jacket patched and he has a suprising range.

    If you willing to look around there are still bargins locally picked a new shoei for 450 from springwood due to old paint scheme.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    fc.moto.de is great! SIDI boots are very cheap and their delivery charge is only 25 bucks too!

    Has anyone bought stuff from STG (sportbiketrackgear)? How much shipping do they charge if you buy multiple items? Their shipping charge is very odd... Also, how long does delivery take?
  6. yea moss street has a bigish store. Ask em for a discount.

    It's good to go in a store and try on a few different brands. Then you can note down your size for when you buy os/internet.

    i got a 2 pce suit from stormleathers ( $400 ). You can call the dude to arrange to try it on first ( I didn;t but wish i did ). Gloves where poo though.

  7. Teammoto Marooka is good Jody always looks after me.
  8. Go see Phil at the highside he has Arrie, Shark, Nolan (X light) and a few others in stock. If he doesn't have it he can probably get it.
  9. As Benjamin recommended, AMA is a great big warehouse that has plenty of gear. Otherwise you could try the team moto clearance warehouse (they sell gear that is a few years old). Just dont buy a helmet from there, as they are already half way through their lifetime of 5 years
  10. If you want leathers I recommend you give 'storm leathers' a go they are very good with prices and they are trackday approved too. I came off my bike before but I was wearing full leathers from them that saved my hide for a rashing and gear was still good for further rides to this day. They located in Salisbury.

    As for helmet its really up to you on what you want there is a mind field of helmets out there on what you want from Australian standards to Dot and Snell approved for different years to graphics how many vents you'd like.

    From what I know all Australian helmets are AS stamped but if you want the extra protection for high speed crashes look for Dot Snell approved as well which will cost a little more. Moss street generally has a mega store there with really good prices the trick is to find one in yoursize if its available