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Recommend me a backpack!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dropthabass, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. I'm not keen on strapping stuff onto my bike, but I'd like to be able to carry some stuff around. Laptop (only a little 14 incher), uni books, lunch and assorted crap mean it needs to be fairly roomy, but not bulky.

    Preferably looking for the following features:

    - Laptop sleeve
    - Helmet carrying abilities (for the occasional pillion)
    - Roomy
    - Straps across the front (to stop it sliding around)
    - Vented down the back, to stop things getting too sweaty
    - Looks hot!

    Not sure if these are all possible, but would be nice. Something like this, mebbe? What works for you?

  2. Got $200 laying around?
    something like this mebbe?

    or this mebbe? cost ya a lot more than $300 to get the cargo net and extra luggage space, air cooled ventilation bridge. A full face helmet will not fit under the cargo net though.

    but this works for me
  3. Pfftt.. not as good as my backpack..
  4. Try looking at skateboarding backpacks they're made pretty sturdy and can hold heaps of stuff.

    I have one and i can fit my jacket gloves and all my school books and lunch in there and it has all the extra straps (Chest, etc) so it doesn't move around when i'm riding.
  5. I got a freebie from Logitech, a hardshell backpack complete with a webcam and sound transmitter ... and it's friggen great. I love it when company reps try to get your business.. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    The laptop slips into the protective pocket, and I wacked bike stickers all over the shell to hide the nerdiness of it.

    win win all round I would say :p
  6. i got a "life" brand laptop bag that fits the laptop nicely and quite some luggage, then when you pull up it folds out nicely in to like a desk-thing with saddlebags.

    in riding mode i pull out the straps and she's a comfy backpack!

    got it from DSE for about 60 baht and love it.
  7. I recommed Deuter backpacks. Good harness, good in rain.
  8. The best backpack ever to be invented is the Crumpler Bag.

    They are a sash bag, with an extra strap to make it all stable. They are HEAPS roomy and are very well build.

  9. the thing about satchel bags are that you don't have to do the caught your arm in the strap circle dance and look like you're a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Rather throw it over one shoulder and strap it up it is GREAT.
  10. No, everyone just stares at you as you open your bag upon hearing that velcro RIIIIP!!! I have a crumpler laptop bag, should fit a 15" lappy - non widescreen and not much else, power adaptor, a few accessories, mouse spare battery etc. no room for clothes.

    If anyone wants it make me an offer.
  11. Back Pack

    I hate the thought of carrying anything on my back when riding especially anything hard and unfoirgiving, .
    Ever come off wearing one is the question I will ask?
    Mate had a low side year ago and was wearing a pack , if he hadnt worn the pacjh he would have only had some grass stains , he spent about a month of work due to (minor I must admit) damage cuased by the pack .
  12. I wanted something small that would not flap around too much mainly to carry wet weather gear and a few bits and pieces. I ended up getting a Black Wolf Hydration Pack . These are very slim (and therefore streamline) and having some water on a hot day is handy as well. I'm real happy with it - harldy notice its there!

    This would be no good for a laptop.
  13. And the Black Wolf brand is all Aussie made - pretty rare nowadays!