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recommend DRZ 400 SM mods?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Darkness Born, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. so pretty close to getting one of these guys. was thinking of a brand new, or should i look for a modded second hand and run it past a mechanic for the OK on condition?

    anyways if I go for a new one, what mods would people recommend to squeeze some horses from it and give it a more aggressive sounding tone? ideally starting at a low end (pricing, difficulty) because i'd love to learn how to do it all myself.
  2. Young blokes mate has a 2008 sm with 12k on it, I took it for a ride the other day, doesnt seem to have the go of my drz400e.
    Sounds stifled with the stock exhaust on it.
    Personally I'd go for a pipe and a suspension setup.
    Then get onto thumpertalk(dot)com and trawl the DRZ forum.
    Very fun bike. you wont be disappointed:biker:
  3. thats good to hear mate. have been tempted by the ktm 525exc but for the price tag...
  4. pipe, airbox mod and rejet.

    then cams, and carby.

    then, you realise you spent too much. haha.
  5. Dont forget the athena? big bore..
  6. bit overkill for a poocart haha.