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Recommend disc lock?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Motobecane51, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Hi fellow riders

    I am considering buying a brake disk lock for my Suzuki Boulevard and have a few questions....... Thanks a lot in advance for helping me choose a good one : )

    1. How much should I spend on average for one? Can I get a branded one for around $50-60?
    2. What brand should I get?
    3. Should I get one with an alarm?
    4. Are the ones from Ebay (posted from Hong Kong) any good?
    5. What's your opinion about their effectiveness?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hey mate i bought a twin pack with the alarms from flea bay from a guy in queensland there just chinese jobs but the quality looks good and they came with the reminder chords. $54.95 delivered - bargain!
  3. I've always used a Xena disc lock which is alarmed. Works great nice and loud and good build quality. Not sure what I paid for it.
  4. The Xena lock is advertised on Revzilla for $100 US. There is also a blog (link below) showing a Xena lock which was busted off the bike and bike stolen. However the lock shown was made of a cast material whereas the one advertised on Revzilla is made of stainless steel. A lock may be a deterrent but if it is made of cheap material it won't be worth the trouble of fitting it.

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  6. Most of them would be good deterrents as thieves will go for the quick score. You could spend $200 on one but if a thief wants your bike...they'll get it.

    Just saying that the more you pay doesn't necessarily make your bike safer.

    Just get a lock with an alarm & reminder for about $50. Will work exactly the same as an expensive one.
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  7. Thanks guys the Bunnings one look like an attractive option, with the reminder and pouch. I will go and check it in the coming days since I have to go there to buy some other stuff. Thanks.
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  8. Def get a reminder cord...worst thing to pull off and fall straight over and screw up your disc/wheel/bike..
  9. I know first hand at forgetting to remove a disc lock at home before I pushed my bike around in garage.

    It destroyed my front fender on my gsxr hence the carbon fibre replacement :)