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Recommend a LAMS bike at least 500cc?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jfiddy, May 12, 2010.

  1. I'm looking to come off my Ninja 250R to something more powerful for my daily highway rides into the city (Sydney). I've been looking at a used Hyo GT650 but have been told to go for an older SV650 or a GS500. Can anyone give some advice please?

  2. an older sv650 will not be lams.

    ninja to gs500 wont be much different.

    see if you can hold off... other wise get a pos hyo and derestrict it
  3. If you have a bike, then just hold off, 13 months is not a long time (Ls and Ps) and a Kwaka 250 can teach you affair bit before you tire it as long as you don’t just want to drag race (and any monkey can do that)
  4. Stick with it till you get your fulls.

    Otherwise go for a Kawasaki ER-5, GS500 etc. Do NOT get a Hyosung. (imho - awfully bad mechanically).
  5. I got the GS500 with the view to keeping it once I was off my restrictions.

    The day I came off my restrictions I upgraded. If you can, hold on. The difference between the GS500 and the Z750 is big enough to make it worth the wait.
  6. I'd imagnie for your daily commute the GS might be worthwhile.
  7. You could look at the Suzuki GSX650FU. That's LAMS legal.