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Recommend a bike please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SL1M, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Hi

    I got a 2011 gsxr1000 but looking to sell to save some money and also I just like to swap bikes around every 12 months. Looking for a cheaper second hand bike (maximum $7K). Something with lots of torque down low, possibly a twin or a triple, naked or faired I don't mind, with a smaller engine happy to go for something around the 600cc mark. something I can have fun on up the old pac but also ok for around traffic as an everyday run around. Missing the smaller capacity what I can redline whereas with the gixxer by the time I do that I am at lunatic illegal speeds lol.

  2. Street triple ?
    Cbr600f4i ?
  3. One of the japanese 600s from the mid 2000s are that budget with 120hp still, and reliable unlike some other manufacturers,
  4. One I am interested in also would be a KTM 300 with a Beon Automotive kit (bit outta budget but jeez it would be fun)
  5. As I recently discovered u won't find a 600cc with "lots of torque down low" like u mentioned compared to your current gixxer. I rode a few 600cc in past few weeks and after owning a z1000 all of the 600cc bikes just annoyed me having to keep going down gears and rev them all the time to get them going. I ended up finding a cheap 03 gixxer 1000 streetfighter that had been geared down which I am loving. Especially the low down grunt it has
  6. Street triple!
  7. Worse than nak