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Recomended Websites 4 a exhaust

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by bikeme, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone can recommend or suggest somewhere to buy a Akrapovic Carbon for a Honda CBR 250r 2011.

  2. i got mine from here: http://www.morepoweracing.com/
    took 7 weeks, which was less than the lead time to australia
    also cost ~700 instead of ~950 which was the cheapest price i could find in aus
  3. @netrider, better save money for your next bike.

    The CBR 250R sounds like a lawnmower anyway (or as a big lawnmower with another pipe) LOL

    If still keen, look at tyga performance too.
  4. Got mine from indysuperbike.com, happy with them.
  5. You've got to be mental to spend $700 on an exhaust for a cbr250
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  6. Motomummy.com or fleebay
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  7. Also try Revzilla, ive bought stuff from them and they are pretty quick, Ibought my Two Bro slip on for my Ninja 300 from http://www.morepoweracing.com/ and they were pretty quick aswell and also have bought from http://www.biohazardcycles.com but they took longer than the preiously mentioned websites.
  8. I got mine from PS, was under $100 more then getting it from the States (SV Racing Parts), I figured in case of warranty, I didn't want to piss fart around.
  9. It's a slip on exhaust whats going to happen lol...?
  10. LOL just LOL

  11. uhm well uh, manufacturer defects, missing parts, for something so costly, I cbf risking it, plus in my case, I didn't want to wait 1-2 for it (from o/s).
  12. as per above, save your bucks for your upgrade, then you'll probably buy the bike you want with all the goodies if not, the money you save here you can spend on your
  14. Tom from biohazardcycles.com and morepowerracing.com is where i bought my stuff for my cbr250r. For my new gsxr 600 i just picked up i use motomummy.com

    I agree with what the others have said, i bought a $500 yoshi for my cbr250r and regret the purchase. The bike sounded like a horrible fart and it was a waste of money, wait until you upgrade and then go all out with the mods, that's what i'm doing at least ;)
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