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recomendations for head set communicator..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 80057, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. hi all,

    was out for a decent ride sunday arvo, and being a kind of the spur moment we just kinda rode, until the leading bike stopped, we had a small break then off again, until the rain started, then stopped and off we went again...

    anyway we were thinking of a getting headsets to talk to each other, rather than stopping all the time (we are noobies)

    so does anyone have any expereince with any, and recommendations/ being a few hundred dollars i'd like to know about them before forking out the cash>


  2. I am going through the same process. I have a shark helmet and the Sharktooth system. Its not brilliant but looks sleek and has fitted equipment for Shark helmets Like pockets in the padding). Too quiet for hearing clearly bluetooth and not many around hence no intercom.

    The one I am looking at to replace them is the Sena SMH10 as it has one big advantage that I can see. You can get the adapter to add earbuds to the system and therefore have clear speech and noise reduction via the same headset. It also has the 4 riders intercom + BT + the rest of the stuff that the others do. Allegedly 900m range (quite enough) and my riding mentors have the sets and say that its great and no issues except for one of them singing......(voice activated).

    Cardio Scala and a couple of others also have the sets as well. You can usually by them as pairs so that would cut the costs down a little if the two of you brought a pair set and not 2 singles.

    Cheers Spocky
  3. do a search and you'll be surprised whats been recommended
  4. The G4 can pair with a defaul headset and another random just passing G4 headset IIRC by making a scalarider headset call.

    The G9 which is in beta development at the moment, will be able to pair up 9 headsets for a community conversation.

    Senna are looking at an external box that will do that and more.

    The ultimate group convo though is CB.
  5. thanks spocky,

    i got a shark s900, so was looking at the shark tooth, so im glad i got your input,

    scala seem to have the biggest presence, but there are so many brands.

    we did a quick search online but havent found much in the way of comparisions.
  6. Its a translation but:


    Also http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycles/best-motorcycle-products-2010.htm Sena won the product of the year.

    Sena seem to do mainly industrial control BT (ie robust) and this is their play into the Consumer Market.

    As stated I am after the earbud factory option (Scala can be modded I understand from here) and my new ride buddies have Sena (can't cross communicate with different intercom units....)

    Cheers Spocky
  7. But only has mono, not stereo apparently.
  8. thanks all,

    i'll go through all the links in my spare time...

  9. Got the Sena double headset kit from Mr. Mobile in syd. It is way better than my old Interphone F4 and loving the clamp that allows earbuds.
  10. Well i'm getting a pair so i can here the gps turn by turn voice and for my iPhone so i want a good pair...
  11. Ozzy, you ride a motorbike mate. You already have a pair.

  12. Not yet but 2 months i will be...
  13. I've got the SMH10's. Fantastic. They do everything they say they do.