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recomendation and money for spent....

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by ggeorge85, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Hello
    I am new user sorry for my grammar but I am going to buy scooter and I can spent 4000$ so what can u recomende for me ? boolwel vmoto GT I need to scooter whu can run about 100 km ner hour so can be 120cc ? or 150cc ? and tell me about brand what do you thing they are good I know if I want the best one so I should to but peugeot speedfighter 2 or aprila italian brand but I have only 4 000$ to spent and I want for this money buy the best possible thank you


  2. You'll be limited as to what your budget will get you, especially if you want to buy new and you need to buy safety gear. If you haven't allowed for safety gear in your $4,000 budget, you should set aside a minimum of $500 (preferably a bit more) to get yourself started with a helmet, gloves and a jacket.

    So, this leaves you with a maximum of $3,500 on road. The good news is there ARE a few choices:

    - Vmoto Monaco 125 ($3,000 + on road costs), some swear by these scoots, but others swear at them. Good bang for your buck, unless it goes 'bang' just after the warranty has expired.

    - Vmoto Montego 125 (about $3,000? + on road costs), due to be released any time now. The most retro looking 125cc scoot you'll get for this kind of money, if you want that sort of thing.

    - Honda Lead 100 ($2,500 + on road costs), 100cc 4 stroke means you'll be struggling to get to 100km/h, but you know it will run forever with basic maintenance because it's a Honda.

    - TGB 101R 125 ($3,200 + on road costs), could be a better bet than the Vmoto due to country of origin (Taiwan) and you don't hear anything bad about TGB scoots.

    - BUG Agility ($3,000 + on road costs), dunno much about BUG scoots. I have heard mostly good things about their other models (moreso than Vmoto).

    Other than that, try looking for a decent 2-3 year old Bolwell (there's about 5 or 6 different derivatives in the 100-125cc range) with a full service history.

    Good luck.
  3. tkank you for information but I mean 4000$ for scooter but any way I can but extra helmet and safety facilities but just for scooter I can spent 4000$ and what do you thinking Vmoto is from china so definitly not good ? taiwan make better scooters ? and how about different TGB and Bug and boolwel

    ps. and very important you said something anout honda I saw one about 2000$ but so small :/ and 50 cc you taking about this model or another one ? if another one can you tell me more information ? can I go this model about 100 km per hour ??
  4. ''Honda Lead 100 ($2,500 + on road costs), 100cc 4 stroke means you'll be struggling to get to 100km/h, but you know it will run forever with basic maintenance because it's a Honda. ''

    what do you think about this I saw this scooter on the photos is quiet good looking but you know HONDA so what do you think I should chose because Honda so can I be shure about quality ? and you said to me I will not be alowd to run 100km/H but can I definitly go 80km/H ?? just 80 what do you think and I want to do every week 250-300 km way so about 12 000 each year so can be resistant for this and I dont want have problem so witch is bad and good side this model maybe made in china also ??

  5. Hi George,

    Noticed that you are confused about what scooter to purchase or which may be best for you and your use.

    I think ultimately you are going to have to do some shopping around by looking up close and in person with the different models you are thinking of. Then when you think you know which one you like, chat with people who own them, the store owners, use the internet but basically do alot of research.

    Dont be afraid to sit on them and take for test ride if youre able and see which is comfortable for YOU.

    No one can decide which model is best for you - only you can make that decision.

    It may take some time but it will end up being time well spent so that you can purchase what YOU like and what YOU need.

    Happy hunting.
  6. Hi George,

    I can recommend the Bolwell Bella 125 - it's a fun little scoot. You can probably pick one up at a decent price - they are $4300 brand new, or you could buy one second hand for less, which would give you heaps for gear, rego, insurance etc.

    If you are in Melbourne I'm happy to do a deal for you on mine, as I've just upgraded - PM me if you are interested.

    :p Happy
  7. Welcome to Netrider George,

    most scooters of 150 cc or so will suit you. It's a matter of what you like as an individual.

    Go and sit on them, talk to the dealers and see which ones you are happy to deal with. IWhen you buy, if you are comfortable and feel you can trust the dealer you buy from then you will be far happier in the long run. Buy the Scooter magazines and read the articles and that will help. You aren't going to go far wrong with whatever you buy since there aren't any bad ones around at present.

    Where it is made is less relevant these days- especially since several of the Honda models are made in China anyway.