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Recomend Bike Friendly Lawyer for Traffic Infringment

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Hey all, a friend from work got their first speeding fine and want to contest it... any recomendations?

  2. Check the bike mags Eswen. There are a few that advertise their services I seem to recall, most in Sydney though :? I cant recommend mine coz if I named them and f n shPte service they provided, they would probably sue me for slander :(
    The gal I got to contest my infringement was a f n joke. I asked around a lot :!: everyone I knew in the bike industry, including several people on this forum.
    In the end I heard the name of firm "X" mentioned a few times. They "alledgedly" :jerk: had a reputation for achieving good results and had got someone I knew of, off some pretty serious charges-looking at time.
    So I thought :WStupid: what the hey,and ponied up my dow :? They asked for $1200 :shock: talked them down to $770, was late for 2 appointments briefings, then she turned up late to court, hungover, and Im pretty sure stoned :evil: anyways :blah: unless she has a REALLY strong case, and the judge got blown the night before, me thunks she's gotta wear it.
  3. Depending on the amount the friend was over the limit and also how good their driving record is they can ask for a caution.
    It involves writing a statutory declaration and basically admitting the offence, but due to the good driving record they hereby apply for a caution.
    this should help
  4. Good idea, but you've got to have a clean record (no points) and NOT be on probationary licence.
  5. not so much contest it but pleading that licence is needed for work & will lose job. pleading for lesser penalty due to those circumstances.
  6. Only need a clean record for 3 years. That will get you to most under 10 km over. above that then you are in trouble.
  7. Negative. 2 years ;)

    oh and pleading that s/he needs the licence for work is just about 99% certain to get laughed at
  8. do you know if its possible to get provisionary licence to get home from work if you finish when there is no PT?
  9. You sure it's a friend and not ............

  10. yeah you got it... its my mum :(
  11. Didn't work for me . I wrote a letter saying I lived in an area with no public transport at all and couldn't get to work , and they replied bad luck , take holidays. Theres no exceptions like just riding to and from work. There are no reviews of speeding fines . I had to shift for the month. That was for 109 in and 80.
  12. Didnt work for Mrs 2wheelsagain 12 months ago and she had a clean record. We later found out that the Vic Road Traffic Act has specific penalties. You are either charged and processed or the charges are dropped (plea letter etc). Offences against regulations are different so I guess it depends on what the fine/charge is for. But dont use the "I need my license for work" line, you will get laughed at. Sorry.