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Recomend a good & fair insurance company

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by TRX 850, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. When I first goy my bike which was many years ago, I rang for an insurance quote and said no thanks, as was so damn expensive.

    Silly & stupid as it sounds, since then, I've never have had insurance with my previous bikes like VT 250, XT 250, XL 250, KLR 650, NTV 650 & ZL 600. It didn't bothered me & never though of it. I guess I was single, young & carefree with the she will be right mate attitude.

    But now, I've got out of the cave & cannot stop thinking about it. I guess it's due to mid-life crisis, guilt, family responsibilities (now married with kids), in the event of an accident & in the age of litigation.

    I was totally shocked when I got a comprehensive quote from RAC of over $1400, SQIO of over $1333, can't get through to QBE & Shannon’s wouldn't cover me as the bike is not locked in a garage, even though the bike is under the pergola with 2 vicious dogs guarding it, never had burglar issues with the car in the carport or house break ins.

    Bear in mind that, I was only going to insure the TRX 850 for $6,500, with no previous claims made, no convictions, no criminal or traffic records and of middle age.

    Look's like the cost of insurance still hasn't changed, even my car insurance for my Honda CRV cost less than $1,000.

    At the moment, I have 3rd party insurance for $89 from SGIO.

    By the way, how can you youngsters (eg. under 25 yrs old) afford to insure a real sports bike like R1, CBR 1000RR, GSXR, Hayabusa etc or expensive BMW, Harleys etc ?

    Can anyone recommend a good & fair insurance company, especially in Perth.
  2. The company that I work for (CGU) recently started bike insurance - worth a try anyway - if you have a rating 1 car licence you can use that.. also being in perth shouldn't be too pricey, and they aren't into the particulars of garaged or not, no crazy excesses if it gets stolen from a carport or stuff like that.. might want to update your contents insurance though, as the gear coverage is SHIT like $250 - wouldn't even cover a jacket.

    anyways if you want to give it a try the number is 13 15 32.
  3. Thanks, Samantha.
    My house is actually insured with CGU & I'll give it a try on Monday.

    If it is too expensive, might have a stick with only 3rd party insurance.
  4. Hi there

    I recently went through the whole palaver and got a great result from Western QBE.

    As a 39 year old female who hasn't owned a vehicle of any kind for ten years, they were still prepared to extend me a rating 1 based on previous squeaky clean record and also maybe lack of testosterone.

    My beautiful new Vespa GTS250 will be living in a carport and they are cool with that.

    I went to CGU through my bank and they were going to charge me close enough to $900, even though the bloke on the phone was more excited about my scoot than me!!!

    Swan was the same price range. Shannon's was close enough to $1200 (Friends with classic cars and really shitty driving records had great deals with Shannon's, so this was pretty shocking.)

    Get an online quote from QBE. Then deal with them by email. I've always had a response by mid the next morning and also it means you get any agreement (like the rating one) in writing.

    They've been a pleasure to deal with.
  5. 'Good and fair'? Gee, they're like most any other business - their reason for being is to make profit...

    Been Swann for me for eleven years.

    Do a forum search, that may land you some answers, or cloud it for you even more :?
  6. Metapetal, I just couln't get through with QBE today (late Friday aternoon) but I will try again on Monday. Maybe the QBE staff thought daylight saving started today & not Sunday.

    My dad use to ride a Vespa & he use to date mum using the bike. It was pretty cool back then & he has the pictures of the bike. Back then cars are a luxury. Make sure you take photos of you & your bike OK? I only wished I had taken phtos of my previous bikes as I don't have much to show to my kids etc.

    Here's a picture of a modern cool Vespa. http://www.pbase.com/perthwa/image/67619770

    Ezyrider, I never heard of Swann Insurance in Perth (still in my cave) but will look it up in the phone book later.
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  8. I've had a good run with Western QBE, and you can sign up on-line; doesn't matter whether of not you can talk to them.
    The only thing some people don't like is that they have a list of preferred repairers, but in my case it's the guy I bought my bike from anyway, and Wollongong's main Honda dealer.....
  9. I recently changed from QBE to Shannons. Cheaper and let you choose your repairer. I've been riding for a while and have heard they are a bit more expensive for new riders?
  10. I was with QBE, twice, once for house contents, found them to be cheap initially, but when the renewal came I found it to be horrendously expensive.

    Second for a previous bike, they were great until I claimed, then it was hell. In my two experiences with QBE, I will never go near them again.

    My car is with CGU, thru a credit union, so I pay monthly. In my experience with claims (twice, once a parking altercation with a concrete post ](*,) second wife reversed into another car :facepalm: ) on both occasions the service has been nothing short of excellent. Even rang apologised when my repairer of choice couldn't book the car in for three days...

    Just got a letter (from CGU, via credit union) saying they now do bikes, and that the insurance benefits in general have increased :woot: So I rang the credit union, 10 minutes later, fully comprehensive, agreed value, helmet included insurance. @ $357.00 way less than any competitors premium, and reading the "fine print" as good as, if not better cover (except helmet, which is a bit stingy, but better than QBE's nothing).

    Good stuff CGU :applause: :applause:


    (bike insurance is actually done by Swann, via CGU, afaik)
  11. Shannons don't want to know me, as I ride every day. If your bike is your daily transport, they don't seem interested.

  12. Interesting! Could be right though, I am a weekend only rider!
  13. Yup, that's who they're after, occasional/weekend riders, and owners of "classic" or "exotic" bikes.

    Fair enough, that's the niche the are in, for cars as well. The advertising is a bit misleading tho.
  14. JJ, your experience with QBE is really strange. I had the rear-end accident in January, which was fixed under insurance and the (uninsured) driver who hit me paid the excess, then received my renewal AFTER another trip and fall, my fault, I paid the excess, but they did not put up my excess nor my premium.... :?
  15. QBE now cover gear up to $4,000 for the rider and pillion and up to $2,000 for any one item.
  16. Easy answer: Most CAN'T afford it and DON'T insure, just like you didn't.

    Many of the rest usually are forced into having insurance by their finance
    company, and pay the insurance as part of the finance payment
    on a weekly basis. $150/week for an Hayabusa is affordable
    if you live with mum and dad rent free and no food bills.
  17. "good & fair "! :grin:

    shouldn't this posted in the jokes and humour section? :wink: