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recoed my carbs today

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mikey_mikestar, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. finally bit the bullet and pulled the carbs off today. i must say having a digital camera handy to take lots of pics is very handy if you havent done this before.
    each time i did a bit i took a pic just so i had something to look back on when i put it back together.
    got the carbs back in and fired it up (before i put the airbox back in).it took a couple of goes but it went :grin:
    let it idle for a while and then stuck the rest of the bike together and went for a ride.
    seemed to go better(was bogging down a dit and wasnt smooth through the rev range not to mention running rich and bad economy).
    will see how it goes this week regarding economy and smoothness. didnt get a chance to use my vacuum gauge that i made cos the tubing is to big so i have to get some adaptors to suit.
    not doing this before and still learning about the bike i was a bit worried but i just took it slow and watched what i was doing and now im glad i did it cos it will be easier next time.
    have other things i need to do and that will come soon.
    if you havent done it before and want to have a go just do it but do the research first, i read all i could find about doing it and that helped.

  2. youtube is your friend. there are vids on just about anything
  3. top work. places like supercheap have all sorts of hoses but i found the right one at my local hardware.
    still got that hose with the trans fluid in it.
  4. Seconded! Post some pics of your work mate!
  5. i will once i get them on them on the pc.
    im starting to find where i can get what and who doesnt have what.
  6. i just did a carb sync yesterday using the home made manometer ("two bottle") method outlined here: http://faq.ninja250.org/wiki/How_do_I_synchronize_the_carburetors?
    i didnt have the right sized tubing either so i ended up electrical taping the tube i did have to the existing vacuum tubes already attached to my carbs, it worked fine. if you cant be bothered finding the correct size tubing, give this a try :)
  7. finally worked out how to get my pics on here.