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Reckon this would be a good color for a V-strom?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Banana Fred, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. I was wondering what other factory colors that Suzuki could release a V-strom in and I think gold is a nice color. What do you folks think?


  2. Damn that's UGLY!!!!!!

    I like it ;)
  3. I reckon they look good with the side panels on the tank painted with truck bed liner paint. Those panels cop a hiding it if you drop it, and heaps of the advrider.com guys get around expensive paint repairs by just using the liner paint. Scratch it? Paint it again in 2 mins.
  4. Ugly but cool, like me! :LOL:
  5. I didn't think they could make the VStrom any uglier (& WTF is a Strom????), but there it is!
  6. What about green?

  7. any colour would be cool with that little dakar logo :cool:
  8. Dude I wouldn't go pickin' on anyones bike if I rode a CX500. :LOL:

    For your information. The name V-Strom combines V referring to the bikes engine configuration with the German Strom, meaning stream or current. :)

    From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzuki_DL1000_V-Strom
  9. 80000 klms & still going strong, there's nothing wrong with a CX mate! (& beauty is in the eye the beholder anyway!) :wink:

    Thanks for the info. I'll have to think of a wanky german name for the plastic maggot.

    BTW, the green really is uglier. Try black, over matte black with dark grey highlights. Winning formula.
  10. The second pic of the Kawasaki looks good.
    :shock: ???my kawasaki's blue!
  11. Nah, no good, no one will go for it, it makes the bricks look like they are covered in moss :p
  12. I guess my uber photoshop skills are actually slightly deficient eh?
  13. Great PhotoShop skills if you ask me :shock:
  14. I agree. How did you do that? Is it a one click tool or what?
  15. No, I think you've got mad 'shop skillz, but your colour choice seems a bit off!
  16. I found the "replace color" option and had a quick read in the help menu on how to make it do stuff. I fiddled around with it and after a while I got the gold color done.
    But I only just remembered that I can just select an area and replace colors only in that area, like on the fuel tank etc. I forgot to do that on the green picture and you can see the bricks on the garage next to the front wheel have also gotten some green replacement color through them, which is what Vic was referring to. :)

    Don't ask me to create a polkadot scheme!

    So how about a deep orange?


    or a deep purple... ( haha pun intended! )

  17. Not sure about the purple, but the orange looks pretty cool. It's actually available in the States.
  18. orange and black tiger stripes.

    make it happen...will be the ducks nute
  19. You over estimate my photoshop skills!