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Reckon I should ebay my 1993 Playboy PMotY edition mag?? :P

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Like you know, AnnaNicole Smith has died and all ! :(

  2. Do the page still turn?? :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Pete, I don't think I've let you read the articles ;)
    yeah, still in its original condition.

    Its not the Erika Elaniak PMotY edition ! :LOL:
  4. wait a few months, after everyone elses special editions have sold :p
  5. Scan it and post it up :D
  6. Rescpectfully of course. :LOL:

    (I must mention that I knew Ms Smith personally, so this thread doesn't get pulled...)
  7. The sad thing is that there's a 5 month old baby now without a mother as a result of all this.

    And legal action pending to sort out who Dad is. :cry:
  8. Yeah, cause she would have made a GREAT mother... :roll:

    I'll state categorically now that I am not the father of the baby...
  9. Its ok pete! She can't get knocked up though the pages of a magazine....you're safe, no need to be defensive.
  10. Wow, sad news... especially for all those 90-something billionnaires. Who's gonna marry them now?

    Seriously though, she was unlucky, in that tragic sense she mostly made her bad luck herself. That's why I wouldn't be suprised at all if she achieves some kind of cult status in the future.
  11. Me?
  12. :rofl: yeah me too of course :wink:

    They've started already
    RIP Anna Nicole
  13. TRAGIC Anna Nicole Smith's two diaries have fetched $730,000 on eBay and reveal she hated sex.

    The former Playboy pin-up, 39, who was found dead last month in a hotel in Florida, wrote one diary
    during her marriage to US oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall, 89, in 1994.

    One entry says: "I hate for men to want sex all the time. I hate sex."

    The diaries were bought by a European.