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Rechroming exhaust pipe

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by conspiracytheorist, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Let the bling begin! The pipes going from the muffler to the headers on the sv have some surface rust, I've gotten it all off and polished it with autosol, but its not shiny as all the chrome has gone.

    I was wondering if anyone might know how much it costs to get the pipes rechromed?

    Heres a pic


    I tried a search but couldn't find anything, even though I remember a similar post some time ago.
  2. Rechroming is pointless, chrome looks nice and shiny and sells new bikes but sucks when it comes to protecting against thermal fatigue - and that's what is making the pipes orange. Best options are to either replace the headers with a quality stainless steel or titanium set - or get the existing ones coated both inside and out with a metallic-ceramic coating which does protect against thermal fatigue (eg http://www.jet-hot.com.au/ ).
  3. Thanks for the input. Jet hot is in Victoria so a bit of a trek :)
  4. This is something that I'd be interested in having done in the future too (as I'm moving to Victoria). Do you have any idea at all how much this normally costs?

  5. From memory I think the cost of the "sterling" (chrome finish) jet hot coating is around 250 bucks - I think a plain colour like black is cheaper though.
    Edit: Of course a can of flame proof spray paint is only 15 bucks ;).
  6. I like the idea of the heat-proofing, but do some homework. I have heard that the coating is porous and water gets to the metal. The result is it's worse the chrome.

    Not saying it definitely does, but check that aspect out.
  7. Thanks. For an extra $250 bucks I could just get the full system :(

    I think I'll just live with it, and maybe look into some heatproof spraypaint later on. Thanks for the input.
  8. I just did the headers and pipes (except for cans) on my trx, used the ceramic flameproof coating just in matte black. Looks pretty good,like factory i guess (except factory came with a weird anodized gold finish that doesn't wear so well). :cool:
  9. Chroming wont be cheap... I wanted to get my postie bike chromed and it broke down like this...

    1. I disassemble parts...

    2. I remove all existing coatings/grease/dirt etc...

    3. They polish and chrome...

    4. I pay $2200-$2600 for the privilege and there really aren't many parts to a postie bike...

    Edit: this didn't include the already chromed parts...
  10. You wanted to get your WHOLE postie bike chromed?

    I would donate $20 to see that happen.