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recently moved to melbourne!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ryder93, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone, i was googling for a good and active rider forum and i guess i've found it!

    some back ground info on me, i recently moved interstate to melbourne and because my set of circumstances at the moment dont really make having a car a must, i usually rely on public transport but ive realised that having a motorbike would be way better.

    Im not sure if this is the right place to post but im wondering where to start! thanks
  2. Welcome to the site mate.

    Do you have you L's yet? Thats the first step.

    Then figure out your budget, dont forget you will probably need at least a grand to get you set up with the proper riding gear. helmet, pants, jacket, gloves and boots don't skimp when it comes to protecting yourself.

    Then the fun begins. looking, researching and test riding.

    keep us posted on what bikes you've been looking at.
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  3. yeah i have had my L's for 1.5 years ( i was kinda lazy as i didnt need them but im going for my p's next week), i read that victorian law allows me to go for my motorbike license as long as im over 18 and have L's, right?

    i've been saving a fairly large amount of money and i can put some of it towards the bike + equipment for sure safety is a big part of riding for me.

    im not sure which bike brands are the best/reputable, could you steer me in the right direction? im looking for a nice looking bike but isnt on the high end of price

    for the past 2 weeks ive just been watching videos, checking out what bikes are for sale and i gotta admit im really excited
  4. From memory when i did my L's you need to go for your P's within 12 months of passing your L's. Im not 100% on that so check with vic roads.

    My first bike was a Suzuki DRZ 400 SM i loved it. I'm about 6'4" and wasn't comfortable on most 250s. the DRZ was the perfect inner city commuter for me. up and down curbs i actually found myself looking for roads with speedhumps to tear around on. great bike. but i wouldn't recommend it if you are planning to do any type of touring.

    man there are heaps of nice bikes out there.
    if it were my time again my test ride list would be.

    -Aprilia sxv 5.5 (awesome motard requires a lot of servicing attention.)
    -Aprilia Strada
    -suzuki drz 400
    -kawasaki ninja 300
    -KTM 390 when it is released soon
    -Ducati monster

    consider the service intervals and cost of maintenance. i was going to get a Sxv5.5 but then realised id need to change oil every 500 to 1000 kms compared to the DRZ's every 7000km.
    A general rule is that European bikes are more expensive to maintain and repair.

    I've put a few motards in that list because they are robust and great fun to ride, you wont get bored of them as your skills improve. I've seen motards smoke superbikes on twisty roads.

    Im stoked just thinking about how exiting it is buying a new bike.

    Enjoy and take your time testing and browsing. dealers pretend like they are offering one time only deals but trust me there is always another deal to be made.

    When it comes to private sellers make sure you do some research, look for oil spots, the feel of the breaks (are they smooth) does the bike start easaly from cold. any funny noises the list goes on. Unless you really know motorcycles you cant be certain. if you have the money id recommend a new first bike, i know a lot of people wouldn't but second hand bikes usually have quirks and personalities which is a lovely thing. but i say get a new bike insure her take good care of her and make wonderful memories together.

    ok thats the end of my rant.
  5. G'day & Welcome from another new member.

    Well i got My L's & 1st bike the week before last mainlyfor commuting 'cause after 30 years on Melbourne's trains I'm sick of Public Transport. I've been diriving to work a lot latley (car) and parking is killing me & damage to environment & c...

    Go to the vicroads website & look up what you need to get your Vic licence. I did a 2-day Leaners HART course & there where a couple of people there that were converting from interstate licences (to Vic L's)

    My thoughts from gettint getting to this point starting from complete ignorance:

    2nd hand bike has a lot going for it: Cheaper, not so worried about dropping it. I went the new route. Yamaha have some run-out YZFR15's a 150cc 130kg "Sports bike" on the road for $3,500. Honda has until the end of April CB125F for $2,700 on the road. Both small, light ideal for learning & commuting bikes I'm only 70kg & 172cm (& 48 years) Weak, old & bald. - I got the Yamaha. The same dealer had 2nd hand model of same bike with only 600km for $2,800 - one mirror held together with tape - so what? That's not even fully run-in yet. You can get gear for under $1,000. I got top-notch (safe ) Winter jacket, Pants & Gloves for $750. Unfortunately the only Helmet that would fit my "Forceps deliery baby" head was $$$ expensive, but can't get a more protective one. Commuting? Twist & go scooter means no gear changing & one less thing to distract you in the cut & thurst of traffic - but eventually more expensive maintenance. Not sure that I wont get an Aprilia 300cc scooter when I'm off my P's.

    Good luck,
  6. G'day and welcome.. come on down to a saturday morning practice in elwood.. great place to drool over bikes and ask other learners what they got.. why they got it and are they happy with it in the end.. some of us are happy to let you have a sit on some too and see how they fit..
  7. as above, get down to sat prac session, talk to people that ride bikes, and ask them for their opinion on the bikes they ride, be mindful of a few things, what sort of bike do you like? is looks of a bike an issue? Also, what sort of riding will you be doing? Just commuting? Are you a 'speedster' or are you happy to putt putt on a slow poke bike? These questions are vital to help you choose an appropriate bike to start off with, once you've been riding, got experience then you MAY change your mind about the type of bike you ride. Rule number 1, DO NOT CRASH, you may here this a few times lol and tell you something, it DOES hurt when you come off so remember Rule Number 1. :)
  8. Sorry to hear you ended up in Melbourne, dreadful place ;) .
    On the brighter side you are lucky to have access to an active group to help you along the way.
    Do what Portagrug and others suggest, get involved, heaps of helpful folks on here. Good luck and enjoy.