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VIC Recently Moved here from Perth... (help)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by crbn, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Firstly I did have a search for this... but my question is more specific.

    I've recently moved here from Perth and was wondering where i stand with my motorcycle license.

    I'm 23... Have had my car license (WA) since I was 17. Only recently have i obtained my Motorcycle license (WA). My license is R-E which is restricted to anything <250cc. Have had this for 6 Months.

    So my question is... What equivalent is that in VIC? What's the process until i can have unrestricted license?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Not sure if you previous experience will be recognised here, but our learner laws are a little different, you can check out the details here:


    (List of approved motorcycles is there too)

    Worst case, you would have to complete 3 (is it 6 now?) months of L's, then 12 months restricted to LAMS.

    But: I would ring VicRoads & get some expert advice.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Gents,

    Thanks heaps. The site is a little confusing, with the way it's worded. But I got off the phone to a very helpful person at Vic roads.

    I'm only on a restricted LAMS for another 6 months then I'm unrestricted... So no re-going through the L process and whatnot for me.
  4. Good news, glad it'll work out for you.
  5. I was talking to someone recently who came from NSW on their L's. They were able to transfer it straight to a Vic L's. If you are OFF your L's, you should simply be able to transfer your license to a Vic one, and the rules for here should apply. That means, you will need a bike on the LAMS list (up to 660cc but only for approved bikes).

    EDIT: missed your last post. Carry on.
  6. A helpful person at VicRoads????

    You sure you didn't dial a wrong number?
  7. Yeah, WA still hasn't converted to the LAMS system of licensing..
    Not sure if it's the only state remaining on the old 250 system.
  8. Youre supposed to transfer your license as soon as you have a permanent address. I have heard of people never transferring their licenses just saying they are here temporarily..
  9. Hahahahaha This is the reason I asked here first... I assumed I wouldn't have someone that was helpful. I was gladly wrong. :)

    Is QLD the same???

    Incorrect. You have to do it within 3 months of obtaining a permanent address.
  10. crbn

    just had a look at it seems it's only WA without the lams licensing system..

    Err, what are they waiting for....?