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Recently discovered how good it is to ride.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RC Rider, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm in my mid thirties and decided to give riding a motorbike a try. I rode my first motorbike on Australia Day at a Pre-learners course this year. Three days later I bought a KTM RC 390. That was 4 weeks ago and I now have just over 2000 K's on the clock.

    I'm in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

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  2. Hello, and welcome to NR.
  3. Welcome to the obsession!
  4. Welcome to NR...
  5. welcome aboard :]
  6. Welcome! I saw one the other day outside Peter Stevens. Looks shmick! I don't think anyone else on Netrider has one?
  7. Hello RC Rider, I am only new to Netrider, however I have done a lot of riding through the Blue Mountains on my DRZ 250. You have so many amazing places to explore in the Blue Mountains on a road trail, that I am a little surprised by your bike selection. Dont get me wrong your KTM RC 390 is a very nice bike, but you cant take it through the pine forest.

    Maybe I just love the Blue Mountains too much lol.
  8. You ride in the blue mountains, but it's pine forest? Hah, just messing with you,
  9. Welcome to NR. What is the RC390 like. I wanted one, but they were no on sale when I brought my bike (...also, a little out of my budget).
  10. A bit like this.

    I like the look of these bikes. A lot.
  11. RC Rider, Well Done! and aren't you glad you did.

    Let you be a lesson to all the "Mid lifers" who at 50 (or more) decide to take on something they should have done 30 years before. YOU have not let it go too long. Don't try to learn it all at once, but at your sort of age, you are still sharp enough to get out of a few scrapes, there's still a little bounce left if things go completely wrong, and you are over the DH years, so there's a risk factor avoided.

    LOVE your choice of bikes. You can go anywhere from that. I'm imagining you are not considering a cruiser any time soon.

    As Gunnison said, "Welcome to the obsession" Enjoy.
  12. Go you good thing!
  13. Welcome to the forum and to owning a pretty awesome bike!

    You will not be disappointed - I have thrown a lot at my Duke and it just keeps asking for more!
  14. Thanks everyone, feeling the love.

    I have plans of doing the occasional track day with her, and that was ultimately why I chose the RC over any other bike. Well that and I heard it said "buy the bike you like the look of, and deal with the consequences later", so that's what I did. Fortunately, any complains I have are trivial and I don't see myself riding anything else any time soon, least of all a cruiser, maybe an adventure/sports tourer.

    I'm really liking this motorcycling community as well, really good fun to be a part of.
  15. welcome, nice bike though I am partial to the dukes.....:)
  16. RC RiderRC Rider - I've done quite a few track days on the Duke (Eastern Creek) and have had the most fun! I believe it's a lot more fun going fast on a slow bike than slow on a fast bike and found that I can keep and pass most people on the slow groups anywhere on the track except for the long straight where horsepower obviously wins.

    You have really bought a most capable track bike and with all the options available from KTM for the overseas racing series should be quite fun to trick out and mod. I suggest you go and view http://www.ktmduke390forum.com/ for some good threads on adding a power commander (smooths out the rev range and will make you rev slightly higher before engine cut out), changes to the throttle (long travel learner friendly throttle not conducive to good lap times) and some suggestions on adjustable levers (stock brake lever needs adjustment for track braking).

    Anyway, excuse the ramblings - my 2c worth.
  17. Thank You, that's very interesting, I'll defiantly look into adding a power commander. I was going to try and resist changing the levers to adjustable ones for now, how important would you say they are for someone doing say a track day every 6 weeks or so?
  18. Track days are cool, can be expensive - tyres, brakes...
  19. I found that with the standard lever I was pinching my fingers between the lever and throttle when braking hard. Changing to some adjustable levers sorted that out. (I have the habit of two finger braking)

    But seriously - if you just started out riding then the stock standard RC should be more than OK to start of with. One of the signs that you are developing as a rider (and as a track day rider) is that you will start noticing small minor issues where the bike can be improved upon, like the long travel throttle (great for beginners but not quick enough once you have some experience).

    I suggest trying out some Toprider coach and setup days at Eastern Creek (Is that the closest track to Blue Mountains??) where you get some personalized coaching on the track (www.toprider.com.au). Great for beginners, not that expensive, run on the Eastern Creek South circuit that's made for the RC (small technical circuit that suits the Duke more that the full track) with some great coaching. Well worth it to make sure you start your track career of in the right direction.
  20. Welcome to the forum, nice choice in bike :)