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Recent speech in the US on rider safety

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gegvasco, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Short and interesting read (http://www.dot.gov/affairs/peters021607.htm). If only we had something similar happen here(like a transport minister that is a rider), how much better off would we all be. Things I took from this:

    Isn't that a great idea. No way they would be free but at least an across the board discount would be good. Would also go a long way towards improving the helmets being used by existing riders if it is cheaper to buy a new helmet when buying a new bike, rather than waiting or persevering with a crappy old one that has been dropped 10 times.

    How good is this chick! Same deal - make an arrangement to get a big discount on a rider training course if the course is purchased with the bike, just like the other extras that get thrown into the final sale price.

    In the big scheme of things, a subsidised discount scheme wouldn't really cost government that much. Especially when you consider the benefit of having more riders with better helmets and better skills.

    If you are dubious about the feasibility of this, take this example. Almost as soon the current Defence Minister(Brendan Nelson) took over the job, he immediately approved $1.9million for rider training for Australian Defence Organisation(military and defence civilians) riders. You just have to have riders in the right places.

    Now where did I put that candidate preselection form I got out of the Weet Bix box? :LOL:
  2. Good read gegvasco. Having said this, it's also good deflection of the federal government's ability to enforce compulsory helmet wearing in a country where it's OK to ride without one.

    Once again we see riders proposing training, which is fantastic. We as a community, seem to be so pro-active when it comes to investing in training to protect ourselves. Obviously this is because we realise that our federal and state governments won't lift a finger to help us.

    The Defence initiative for driver/rider training may also be as a result of a fairly large number of fatalaties/serious accidents involving defence personell. It goes without saying that, to invest heavily in training our defence force becomes a waste when they kill themselves on the road...... (maybe a bit of inside info there :grin: )