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Recent senior citizen

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Ozbiker1, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    Signed up in here 15 or so years back when we were still chasing home brew ingredients, parts & shed finds. Was more into riding, restoring & swap-meets than writing but time moves on hey.
    We're (my partner & yours truly) r both riders with a few years up our leather jacket sleeves. The old lady got sick of falling asleep on the back so went & did her thang with the RTU 12 years or so ago.
    I've a few more decades on that, first bike being a Bridgestone 350cc 2 stroke toe cutter, so work on that :)
    Current rides are mildly older due to preference of being able to fix & maintain them personally: Suzuki's, TR1 Yammy ex outfit, 790 Bonny that is so much effin' fun, 900M bitsa Cromo for lane splitting & if we get desperate there's always the Greenfield 20HP B&S vee twin for paddock bashing.
    The still in one piece, personally imported GS1100ez took me to all corners of the globe in 1994/5, very comfortably & reliably I may add & it's when I met the old gerl, in Novia Scotia of all places :) so we're celebrating 20 fabulous m/c oriented years together, this year.
    Currently live/work/party in Brisbane & Sydney .... a long story. I blame a mendacious & perjurous wicked witch (ex wife), a psycho family court judge & dysfunctional high court process entirely.
    Retired RTU train the trainer/ instructor / manager from back in the Terry Sweeney/ Stayupright/ Ride it Right days, syllabus development, remedial, track days, advanced, race, postie training etc etc.

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  2. Welcome, I'm guessing, back, and what a great introduction!!!
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  3. welcome aboard :)
  4. Welcome on board again Ozbiker1Ozbiker1
    What a fabulous collection of rides!
    Looking forward to seeing some epic pics on the photos from your ride threads and I am certain you will get quite a few queries from the other MR Fixits on here as well :)
    Shame exs can't just give up but at least it sounds like you struck gold with finding your soul mate in NS.
  5. Welcome back mate, would love to see some pics of your collection, so you're gonna have to add "photography" to your new writing skills... :snaphappy:
  6. That's gotta be close to the best CV we've ever seen here. :notworthy:
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  7. Good on you Ozbiker, hope you stay around and share some of that history with us.
  8. #8 Ozbiker1, Dec 15, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 15, 2015
    BIG TA gentle- 'persons' :) I see there's a lady present. Reminder to self - keep it all p.c.* & decent ;)

    Being the silly season plus there's a fair bit of aged facility hi care family stuff goin' down for us presently, it may take a whiles to sort out the scary stuff.

    Must go & gather some threads, leaving at 3am for gridlock city (Sydney). 1000 clicks of New England Hwy bitumen ain't my idea of pleasant cruisin' & then there's the thought of all that santa traffic on return journey. Beam me up scotty .. if only.

    * politically correct.
  9. Welcome along! Are the toys mostly in Bris or Syd? Where's your chief hangout?
  10. Welcome to NR
  11. made it :)
    no thanks to blistering rain, the odd tornado & usual pack of idiots on every highway to hell.
    thought about doing thunderbolt way ,,,,,,,, but in a 15 year old fourbe utility, forget it.
    decided to follow a semitrailer into the never never & beyond.
    it worked :)

    teefteef ... currently 50/50. think 'a life' NOT.

    witnessing your 91 year old mother implanted to a wheelchair - non motorized ! ... thinkin' a custom might be the go .... any offers? gowies? eurotwins? motorcycle weaponry? forecycles engineering? with the possibility of never walking again is - like ..... fknwow (excuse the french)
    not having your geriatric nappy changed in 12 hours is extreme fknwow.

    (might be able to post urls & stuff now (no thanks to the mods/ forum etiquette :)

    martini o'clock.