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Recent Riding Gear Road Test

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Drasius, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. G'Day all,

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Decided to share the results of a recent (unintended) roadtest on some of my gear, since there are quite alot of posts here saying something is good or bad, but not many proper road tests backing that up.

    Test conditions was a lowside at around 70-90 kph onto smoothish blacktop.

    Slid facedown for a few seconds then tumbled about 10 times before coming to a stop. Overall distance, around 30 odd meters at a guess, not entirely sure.

    Helmet: Full face HJC

    Result: Copped a hit on the chin and a close up examination of the road for a bit, plus the odd knock as I went round and round. Visor scratched to buggery and some of the outer layer off the chin area of the helmet. Glasses still on as well.

    Verdict: Pleased that I was wearing it, have replaced with another HJC, this one an RC-11 I believe, a bit less wind noise and a touch lighter. Fits my glasses better as well.

    Jacket: M2R jobbie, leather, with shoulder, elbow and back armour/padding.

    Result: Stood up OK, took a hit on the right shoulder which was a bit sore for 1 day, but would have been much worse without the armour/padding. Stiching has parted near RH elbow, about 5cms. A few spots are showing where it was on the road for a bit. MP3 player was in pocket and was still going once I had come to a stop.

    Verdict: Did it's job, not a mark on me after and is still serviceable. Having said that, am now looking for a tx-1 or tz-1 alpinestar if I can find a place that sells them in WA (side note, there are 1 each of S, M & L tiger angel jackets in the place on Lord St for $500 each if anyone is keen, shame none of them fit me)

    Gloves: Dri-rider all weather leather number

    Result: Tore through all layers on the top palm of both gloves (around 1cm below join with fingers), but though skin was visible, had no damage other than a bruise on right palm where I touched down.

    Verdict: Bit concerned about the tearing, and they were not warm enough for where I am at the moment, so have replaced with Dririder Nordics, not sure what to get once summer comes around again.

    Pants: Draggin Chinos

    Result: For what happened, a good result. Pants trashed, kevlar melted, some friction burns on L knee and a nice chunk out of L knee as well as that was 1st point of contact. Kevlar remained intact, so no wire brush for me (thank goodness). Leg was sore for about 1.5 to 2 weeks after, almost healed now.

    Verdict: Happy with performance, replacing with some draggin classic jeans, but would like to find some armour/padding that can be inserted into kevlar lined pants, need to find out more about some knox gear and where to source. Also looking into the matching set of leather pants for the A* jacket.

    Boots: Dri-riders, not sure on model

    Result: not tested, no damage due to the way I came down, but were stolen by the time I got back 1.5 hours later :(

    Verdict: Will probably replace with something similar, but would ideally like something a bit more sturdy but not a power-ranger replica, and can walk around in all day if required. Can't seem to find much that suits a wider foot though, saw a nice pair of Dainese somethingorothers but was made for people with pencil feet.
  2. For the boots try a pair of Rossi's, very comfortable and robust black leather and fit broad feet.

    Glad the gear worked for you and your up and about, what about the bike?
  3. Very informative. Thanks for the headsup and glad you are ok.

    For pants armour have a look at gear from Bohn and/or Forcefield. I also have a pair of knee armour to suit draggins which I am just about to sell if interested.
  4. If nothing happened to them, why would you remove them to allow them to be stolen?
  5. Good report mate. Pity you had to find out first hand. I'm surprised to see that the gloves failed, I always thought that the Dri Rider gear was well built.
  6. Overenthusiastic paramedic team? I've known folk who've almost had to get physically violent to prevent hugely expensive gear from being unnecessarily cut off them :shock: .
  7. Fairing and centrestand were the contact points, so both a bit scratched, but no real damage, LH indicator dead, but overall, nothing drastic.

    We have a winner. I normally have no feeling in the right foot and leg, so letting them check seemed like a good idea.
  8. Dude, glad to hear ur ok and it all worked.

    On the knee protection for the draggin's, I've tried 2 different types of velcro in Knox pads. Both are very uncomfy while riding, and they shift around and fall out as soon as u start walking. Instead, I picked up some A* MX knee/shin pads. Much better protection, much more comfy, and u can walk with them in. They are a little bulkier than the Knox pads, and a bit warmer on hot days, but thems the breaks