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Recent pics of my R1 !

Discussion in 'Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by Nickers330, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Here are some recent pics of one of my bikes, the '08 R1 (seeing as the Gixxer has 'starred' in a few lately)....



    ...and for my favourite :

  2. black and gold - perfect for any bike, love it, now where are the asain camel toe girls that should be sitting on your bike for photos?
  3. You're a Mod now buddy - organise them and I'll be there (y)
    Thanks mate
    PS - howz your beast going ?
  4. I could stare at that all day! V Trick bike mate, noice.
  5. Thanks 99CIBBER. The thought has crossed my mind in sending some pics to Rapid & other bike mags, just for the hell of it.
    I do like my R1 :)
  6. I see you had a Gixxer thou. How does the R1 compare?...In a nutshell..:)
  7. Nice pics. Although I think the gold rearsets are a bit much.
  8. Still have the Gixxer mate. Apart from cosmetic difference, the R1 being an '08 versus the Gixxer K5, they are both very similar bikes, as one would expect.
    Let me break it down in simpler form, based on what I first discovered :

    R1 (08) vs GSXR1000 ('K5') :

    The R1 is a bigger bike, slightly higher seat height, feels as though you're sitting on it, rather than the Gixxer's sitting 'into' it feel. Both very comfy, with the Gixxer recently ridden to Sydney and back (Syd-Mel in 12hrs 02min..longest dist in the saddle 190km, non-stop..no issues whatsover).

    Both bikes amazing acceleration, further assisted by 1 tooth down on the front sprocket (both bikes).
    The brakes on the R1 are impressive but where the Gixxer K5 is awesome is in its light weight, around 180kg WITH fuel...strap a 1000cc engine to that, plus some mods (eg 1 tooth down on the front) and make no mistake, the Gixxer is a true weapon !

    My first ride of the Gixxer was an awakening of undiscovered grunt ! After being accustomed to the awesome power of the R1 for ~ 1yr, the first twist of the Gixxer's throttle caught me by surprise - the acceleration (not so linear as the R1) was VERY impressive. Reminded myself to 'back off' a little. My respect for a thou sportsbike was revisited that day !
    I have also found the Gixxer's throttle control smoother compared to the R1 which seems more 'twitchy' and sensitive.

    I absolutely love my R1, but the Gixxer holds a special place in my heart - they are awesome to ride, very confidence-inspiring ; I feel that I ride the Gixxer 'faster' and more 'daring' than the R1.
    The Gixxer feels a much easier bike to wheelie and a perfect track bike, the sole reason for purchasing it.
    Overall, I can't point the finger to one bike only - apart from age/manufacturer differences, I couldn't be happier with 2 such supersports in my garage.
  9. Thanks Phizog.
    Re the gold rearsets, I did look into a set of Black Sato's intitially, but with the colour matching I had in mind didn't really do it for me.
    Each to their own, I guess (y)
  10. Very nice lookin' bike mate.... did you spray it like that, or do they come like that...? sorry, don't know too much about them...

  11. Assassin,
    Thanks buddy. It's hard not to turn heads with the R1 when I'm out and about..not that the rumble from the 2 cans doesn't do it automatically :)

    The Sato rearsets pictured come in either black or gold. No powdercoating or spraying of any kind required for these.

  12. r6 never ceases to amaze me, luv it, but still want my nightrod special :)
  13. Thanks for the comparison! I'll be looking to step up from the 600 to 1000 sometime soon. I've riden a GXR750 K8 and i know what you mean by sitting into it, I felt like i was piloting the thing rather than riding it. The ergos were brilliant, jst like warm apple pie. ;)
  14. I'll give you 9/10 for pweetyness, -1 cause its not a kwaka.

    Looks great in the photo.
  15. That's great to hear mate.
    Unless you are a Gixxer fan through-and-through, please consider other bikes as well, for example the R1. You won't be disappointed and it'll give you a better appreciation for the bike the suits you most.
    Good luck with your upgrade and be sure to post pics of your newly acquired weapon (y)
  16. Thanks blackster (y)
    Kwaka's look damn fine in black as well..
  17. Ya cant go wrong with black and gold..very classy..or is that just a hang up I have from the John Player Special F1 racing team?...either way..very nice looking,and good angles for the camera work Nickers.
  18. Funny you should mention John Player Special - my first ever cigarette 'puff' as a youngun was from one such pack...classy eh ? :)
    Thanks Rabbito and hopefully seeya out there soon for a ride dude.
  19. Yeah, I'd forgotten all about those JPS bikes and cars... They always looked hot...
  20. Best looking R1 I've ever seen and I'm not a fan of a Yamaha in that price bracket!