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Recent pics from the Snowy Mountains

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by javaman, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. It's nice out there :eek:



  2. I love this time of year, got to get up to Bright and have a look I think.

    mmmm heated vest is on the shopping list now!
  3. nah, obvious Photochop stuff :p :LOL:

    Seriously beautiful pics, javaman, but my sense of self-preservation baulks at riding in the snow!
  4. Nice Shots!

    I am seriously liking the second pic! Good work! What resolution do you have that at? very nice!

    Could you PM me with a linky for full res?

  5. My digicam broke so I had to use a disposable kodak. It looks nice on print but the scans are bit dissapointing / blurry.

    My last digicam pic :cry: , somewhere on Tambo Upper

  6. Thanks for sharing Javaman, they are simply stunning shots, such beauty is breathtaking :) :cool:
  7. I was out at Bright with the wife and kids on the weekend, it's beautiful at the moment. The road from Bright to Tawonga is in good nick, there are about half a dozen corners that have been resurfaced recently (looks like the road had subsided a bit) but the grip level seemed OK (I was in a cage though).
  8. I'm usually the last person to threadjack but I feel compelled to jump in here with a few recent photos from Cradle Mountain (no bike involved though).


  9. beautiful photos. :grin:

    i have the exact colour and model of your bike, nice one javaman! :cool:
  10. That last one's on my desktop right now, javaman, breathtaking!!!!!!!
  11. Definitely agree hornet, thats a desktop pic for sure.

    Stunning, thanks for sharing.
  12. Absolutely beautiful pics!!! Well done! :grin:
  13. Such magnificent pics yet last time I checked none of your pieces were entered in the Photo Competition threads.... sure winners !
    Beautiful day out riding.