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Received a 'warning' for nothing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by presti, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.

    Last night i was riding home from work and (in my area) it was very foggy and the roads were very wet. I pulled up to a set of lights where i needed to turn left, there was no one else at the intersection on my side of the road. Because it was wet, and i like to do so, i pulled up just beyond the white line and positioned myself so i didn't put my footdown where the oil would accumulate.

    A car pulled in behind me, then 30 seconds later (i was in the left of the 2 turning lanes) and 2 other cars pulled in to my right. We turned the corner and then a VE Commodore came in behind me and flashed the red and blue lights - an unmarked cop car. I pulled over and they said that i was pulled over because of how i was sitting at the lights. Now any other day yes i most likely would have filed through if there were cars at the lights, but i was first there.

    Anyway, she said that i was receiving a warning for 'filing through traffic'. I said 'lane splitting'? and she said, no you pulled up infront of cars at the set of lights. You are receiving a warning so dont do it again or you will be fined.

    I asked if she saw me do it? I explained that i had been sitting at the lights for 2-3minutes before any other car arrived, i pulled foward because of the danger with the slipery road, she didn't wanna know about it. She said she would log it so next time if it happens they would fine me.

    I know its a warning, but WTF? I did NOTHING wrong and she has 'given me a warning'. Can they do this?! I was too pissed off to grab her badge number, but i got her surname. This has increased my hate towards the 5-0 in the sense of picking on people who are doing the right thing, and not being there when some ****whit cuts you off without blinkering and then speeds down the road.
  2. The problem is you did do something wrong, you stopped over the white line. The cop has jumped to the wrong conclusion that you filtered to get there, but you did break a rule.
    I've had a similar experience when I rode up to a red light slowly, knowing it was about to change. There was a cop car in the left lane, I was beside it doing maybe 10kph when the light changed, and I rolled on the throttle gently and kept going. They pulled me over and threatened a ticket for not stopping at a red. F*****g wankers didn't like that I'd passed them. Shit happens. Its not worth losing sleep over.
  3. fair dinkum

  4. Cool, she gave you a warning for breaking a non-existent law.

    She's a typical left side of the bell curve societal reject who can't get a real job, and has to steal money from the people for the government to pay for her sorry ass while she abuses power to get back at the people who picked on her in school because she was overweight and unattractive.

  5. Yeah, i would have accepted if she said i had stoped over the white line but she didn't, thats whats annoying. I don't know if she was trying to show her power or not but it doesn't put much trust in the law if they are guessing shit
  6. i wasn't stopped for over the white line, i was stopped for a bullshit non-existant reason.

    but thanks for your input..
  7. And the prize goes to:

    Spoken like a true meat-bomb 8-[
  8. Another anti-motorcyclist cop rears its ugly head.

    You could take it to her supervisor, explain the situation, and ask that the warning be withdrawn on the basis she didn't see you perform the alleged action, but if her supervisor is just as much a tosser as she was, he/she'll fine you for failing to stop before the line.

    So as far as I see it, just cop it on the chin. At the end of the day, grue's right, you've got a warning for a non-existent offence, no great loss.
  9. I aim to please :angel:
  10. I think, given my incredible authority on said subject (really, I'm like an encyclopedia brittanica that's out of date and has been doodled on) that I might throw in my 2 billion zimbabwean dollars.

    Cops aren't very nice, and they don't like bikes. Try not to stop for them.

    School boy error, that. You stop because of the pretty lights, so you think it will be fun, right? Totally wrong. It's a trick, like a teacher in high school that lets you call him by his first name but will still fail you on an assignment.

    Hope this has been irrelevant. Carry on.
  11. I have said it before and will keep on saying it

    people need to be filming and recording this harassment and then getting it exposed on the tabloid tv media -- then eventually the cops will learn that "they are being watched and recorded" and they will pull their heads in and start serving the public interest rather than harassing the public

    recording an asshole cop and have it exposed will basically really **** up their career progress.
  12. I like the part you get a warning! Log it for next time, like you get one free offence before they book you!

    Obviously and idiot, I would forget about it.

    I got pulled up once for running a red light (which I did do). Was sitting at a set of lights on the scooter for about 4 light changes, clearly the loop had not detected me. I got the shits and and ran the red light. Turns out the commodore coming around the corner was a unmarked cop car. He was Juvenile Aid cop. Pulled me up, took my licence and called in a check. Gave me a lecture then let me go (after apologising about taking so long to do the check). I reckon the only reason he did not book me was because he did not have a ticket book.
  13. This is another "exploding head" incident that insites me to wanna riot.

    Mate, ask for their badge number and name politely, cop the trumped up fine they give you for daring to challenge their omnipotent powers, then tell them to f**k-off... And have good laugh to yourself as the veins stand out in their necks ( get your moneys worth!).

    Or cop it and be another person who's lost another piece of respect for the police, and get it off your chest here on NR.
  14. Raven -- I asked a cop for a badge number once - he said they dont have badge numbers - so I said ok smart arse show me your warrant card to prove you are a real cop - he got shitty because i knew about warrant cards
  15. Can they request you to turn off the recording device? Can they ask you to hand over the recording media and then wipe it?

    On second thought, aren't they recording the conversation anyway (in some cases filming)? Can you request access to the tapes under the freedom of information act?
  16. This has probably been discussed before, but cbf using the search now...
    Do you have to inform them that you are recording them?
  17. "Sir/Ma'm Plod, please be aware that for 'training' purposes this conversation may be recorded..."
    Hahaha..I'd love to see this go down :)
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  18. ...you do not have to say anything... :grin:
  19. i would have told her to stick her warning up her arse... no i really would have gone apeshit on her, like "ffs lady, theres people out there committing real crimes and you're here with me making up laws that don't even exist, because you're too fat and and stupid to do your real job.. and finger jab her forehead for effect.
    , because i'm in the same general area as you... and the conditions have been dangerous... and you gave her a fair and reasonable explanation.
    so i agree with Raven., should have told her to **** of and at least get your moneys worth for her wasting your time.. it's really all you can do.
    damm i hope she pulls me over next.
  20. If while in a public place in an incident involving myself I have to get permission to film then this is no longer a free country

    Hell no I dont have to ask or tell them - as a police officer they should have nothing to hide should they