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Received a love tap

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by alexanderino, May 4, 2012.

  1. Traffic was more congested than usual, lots of stop-start traffic. The bus in front began to slowly move. As I was about to follow, the Land Rover ran into my back. Thankfully, the impact was low-speed.

    While conversing with the driver, I noticed her mobile phone was on her lap. I suspect she was texting, noticed the bus move in her peripheral vision, and decided to proceed without lifting up her head.

    Details have been exchanged, though she stated she didn't 'trust me'.

    No visible damage to the bike, but it will get checked out this afternoon.

    Note to self: watch mirrors more often, or get extra pair of eyes installed on back of head.

  2. LOL, doesn't trust you? Did you say I don't trust your ability to drive 2.5t truck!
    Did you mention the camera?
  3. What the fùck is that supposed to mean? She ran into you and by default (unless you were reversing), she's in the wrong. Suppose the only thing she could means is that she suspects that you'll overstate the damage.
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  4. Why didn't she 'trust you'? What's trust got to do with her running into the back of you? Love the way she waved her hands around as if to say "what are you looking at?"

    Glad you weren't hurt, hope the bike's OK.
  5. In a less direct manner, yes.
    I'm sure she would have spotted it. It's conspicuously mounted on the helmet.
    I think she's playing the role of 'damsel in distress'. Big, bad, mean man out to harm her if he gets her details.

    As if.
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  6. Wow, that's some pretty poor driving, hopefully there's no damage to the bike.
  7. Love the two handed 'what' jesture she gave you.
  8. She should have been apologising profusely and mentally kicking herself for her obvious lack of concentration. She should also be counting herself lucky - it could have ended a lot worse for you.
  9. I was kind of waiting for you to get moving when the bus and traffic moved up a bit just before you got hit. Maybe if you'd been up on the pegs when the traffic was moving you could have avoided it.

    Her fault 100% but you were dawdling a little.
  10. And that my friends is why filtering is soooooo dangerous......](*,)
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  11. If that camera was running...... I assume you got the rest of the 'tete-a-tete', including footage of the phone in her lap
  12. Stupid b*! That's one of my concerns when sitting in traffic.

    Will there be a fee for getting the bike checked out? If so how are you going to shift it to her?
  13. Looking at the footage, I disagree. What I saw was him leaving space in front. He was moving slowly with slow moving congested traffic - hardly call that dawdling.
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  14. Yeah it's all good leaving a space in front for 'safety' as long as you're aware, up on the pegs, scanning and looking in the mirror, so you can move into that space when the need arises. Otherwise it's just a gap in traffic, isn't it?

    Everyone expects that when traffic moves, you move. Even when it's stop / start. No point traffic moving and you sitting with your feet on the ground. In slow traffic all the hazards are behind you, in your mirror.

    As I said, when I watched it I was like 'come on get going'.
  15. Are you a doctor or a motorcycle mechanic? If not, you are not qualified to make that call. You may well have suffered whiplash and your bike may be damaged somewhere that you can't see.

    You owe it to yourself to get things fully checked out and you should also be calling the police and having her charged with negligent driving.
  16. As mentioned before, traffic was very congested and slow as molasses. When it moved, it was by a few metres each time. Meags is right, I was buffering.
    Point well taken. Only if the lanes weren't as narrow in Sydney. The meagre gaps are generally insufficient for my fat-arse bike to squeeze through.
    There will likely be. I will request her to pay it, else lodge a case with the police. If anyone has tips, I'd appreciate them.
    Had you viewed the footage five minutes prior to the incident, you would have realised why it's an exercise in futility. On many occasions, the vehicle ahead would move a few inches, no more — not worth closing the gap.
    I'll see how it pans out at the mechanic, and how she reacts to my follow-up phone call. The cops will be notified, however.
  17. Going through insurance no matter how little the damage is, that way the excess is passed onto her :)

    alexanderino you need to stop posting these vids, they make me, so, angry!

    If a rider on these forums can be T-boned and the driver only charged with failure to give way I doubt this biatch can be charged with neg driving. It's ****ed I know.
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  18. 1) Call your insurance company RIGHT NOW and tell them what happened. Explain that you have clear video footage of it.

    2) Go to the police and make a complaint against her. Show them your video footage. - That woman should lose her license for what she did.
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  19. Oh course, you'd be more than happy to have your licence revoked, or that of a close family member for a no damaged caused, no injury, minor fender bumper in peak hour traffic?? Really? :-s
  20. Don't get me wrong, I'm a biker and I'm on your side. You weren't at fault. She was 100% in the wrong in the eyes of the law. Glad you're ok.

    When I said, 'get moving' it's more about the mindset of the people around you. People zone out when driving in peak hour and go into auto mode. I've done it myself, riding home from work after nightshift where you 'drift off' and suddenly you're home and go 'how the hell did I get here?'

    People 'expect' the traffic to move, even slowly. That stupid driver behind you was probably texting and her peripheral vision and auto mode just took over when she saw the bus move. You were unfortunately in between the bus and her and not moving when she moved, hence the collision (my best guess).

    Also, file a police report and state the alleged use of mobile phone.