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VIC Receipt of purchase for bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Louis, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    Wasn't sure the best place to put this. I'm just wondering, when buying a second hand bike privately (or from a dealer for that matter) what details are important to have on the reciept? I've done it before for cars and usually write the rego number if it has one, names of both parties, VIN number and engine number, plus the price paid.

    Is there anything else specific to bikes you recommend?

    I'll be looking to buy in the next month or two so just trying to cover myself from any stupid mistakes or dodginess.

    Thanks in advance and sorry if this is covered elsewhere.
  2. LouisLouis , you want to do 2 checks first.

    1. Vehicle Registration Enquiry

    This check will show you all of the following information;

    Vehicle Type Motorcycle
    Victorian Registration Number
    VIN/Chassis Number
    Engine Number
    Colour BLUE
    Make HONDA
    Body Type
    Compliance Plate Date
    Year Of Manufacture
    Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAM) Yes or No
    Goods Carrying Vehicle
    Transfer Dispute
    Registration Serial Number
    Registration Status Current
    Registration Expiry Date
    Sanction(s) Applicable

    2. Personal Property Securities Register

    You want to make sure the bike isn't subject to finance etc

    Once you have these 2 reports you can verify the information from the report against the bike. VIN etc

    3. Bill Of Sale

    You could print off a bill of sale from the web, then fill in the details when you purchase the bike;

    Those are just a few ideas you could run with.

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  3. Thanks so much JayteeJaytee :)

    That's really helpful. That template makes things easy. Now to find a good condition VTR250! Time for that hunt haha :D
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  4. You're welcome dude.. thats what my "work time" is for ;)
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