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reccommend me a jacket!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pottsy44, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. if possible id like it to be waterproof, warm in winter, and ventilated for summer.

    ...or just a good summer jacket.

    -must have ce shoulder and elbow armour.

    also advice on the below jackets if you have/had one.

    Ixon Diablo Textile Jacket
    Alpinestars Breeze Airflow Textile Jacket
    Dririder Airmesh 2 Jacket
    Shift Airbourne Jacket
    Rjays Octane Jacket
  2. I recommend the IXON Sismic! Both my brother and myself have one and it has been great. Lots of armor and has three layers for you to tailor to the current climate.
  3. Rjays Octane Jacket << Gets my vote!! Love my Octane.
    Inner liner keeps you dry/windproof, remove it and its the most ventilated summer jacket you could ever want .
    CE Armour in shoulders/elbows/forearm/back
  4. Different people will tell you that 'their jacket' is the best and why should I be any different? :LOL:

    I bought the Dririder Drimesh purely for summer and it's so good I prefer it to my leathers and my Dririder Freeway.

    Honestly, try them all on, sit on your bike in them (one at a time :roll:) then buy the best one that you can afford.
  5. With the summer mesh jackets.

    One lesson I got for a GOOD shop was get 1 size bigger .

    Take the rain liner out of the jacket and try it on.
    You might find a jacket fits snug ,but when you take the rain liner out you will find it's 3 inches above you hips and imagine wearing it in a rain storm, as soon as the lower part or your T shirt gets wet the water climbs up the shirt.
    Also ,take a good jumper with you and try it on with a jumper under it ,I use mine in summer and 30 minute short trips in winter.
    That way by getting 1 size bigger you can use it all year round .
    Also sit on your bike or one like it you will notice it rides up at the back.
  6. my thoughts on the jackets:

    Ixon Diablo Textile Jacket - wasnt ventilated enough
    Dririder Airmesh 2 Jacket- felt like it was going to fall apart
    Shift Airbourne Jacket- couldnt find it, guy said it was no good anyway
    Rjays Octane Jacket- seemed like pretty shit quality

    Ixon Sismic - i went with this one, seemed well enough ventilated, waterproof and thermal lining. felt good on aswell.

    ordered a large in black, only had a grey large in stock.
  7. Hey pottsy44 I narrowed my choice to the Sismic and the Dririder climate control as I wanted a jacket that could be used in summer and winter. I picked the Sismic due to IXON's great quality.
  8. +1 for the Ixon Sismic. Weather's been all over the place in Sydney lately and i've been comfortable riding in all conditions. I reckon it'll do me all year round.
  9. +1 for the Dririder Drimesh Climate Control jackets. Had mine nearly 2 years of daily riding and its the best investment I ever made
  10. I'll second that, bought one yesterday morning and did a 1.5 hour northern districts ride in the afternoon in summer mode, Sydney to Shellharbour last night in waterproof/warm mode and then Shellharbour to Sydney this arvo in summer mode. What a good idea these multi-layer jackets are.

    $279 from Bikebiz in Parramatta.

  11. i have the A*

    what can i say, it's great and stylish. kind of waterproof for showers not hail storm, plenty of ventilation, fitment is quite tight, crash proofed. a slash cut on the shoulder textile, however the padding hold still
  12. Dririder Climate Control 2, great jacket. Bring on Summer!
  13. I've got a dririder Rallycross.
    Its got a zip out waterproof/windproof liner and I also bought the winter liner kit to go with it. The kit also contains better quality armour and a water bladder that fits into a pocket behind in the upper back section, so you dont have to wear a camelback.
    In summer I freeze the bladder overnight, that way during the ride on hot days, not only does it give me a cool drink, it also keeps me cool.