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Recall—Honda CB500F / CB500X / CBR500R Motorcycles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pugsly, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. This might explain the oil I went through.


    Honda—Honda CB500F / CB500X / CBR500R Motorcycles
    PRA number: 2014/13992
    Date published: 14th February 2014
    Product information
    Product description
    500cc Motorcycle in three configurations - All are road going motorcycles designed and complied for road use in Australia
    Identifying features
    CBR500RA - MLHPC44U0D5000001 TO MLHPC44UXD5000829
    CBR500R - MLHPC44U0D5000189 TO MLHPC44U9D5000773
    CB500F - MLHPC44U2D5000012 TO MLHPC45U3D5000248
    CB500X - MLHPC46U4D5000001 TO MLHPC46U2D5000112
    What are the defects?
    Due to an incorrect procedure during manufacture of the Rocker Arm Shaft Sealing Bolt, it may come loose causing oil to leak from the engine.
    What are the hazards?
    If the oil leak is undetected or unrepaired, loss of engine oil could cause engine failure or seizure.
    Where the product was sold
    Traders who sold this product
    All Authorised Honda Motorcycle Franchises
    Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd
    What should consumers do?
    Consumers should contact their local Honda Dealer and arrange to have their bike inspected and the bolt replaced as soon as possible.

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  2. Thanks SL. Same usage pattern as mine. Good to know.

    Checked it out, and checked the bolt. Hasn't moved since it's inspection after being buit. Thanks for pointing out the thread.
  3. Just tried booking my bike in for this recall - no parts until MAY! o_O

    Good one Honda.