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Rec Rego for NSW - they didn't have this already?!?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Potatopi, May 5, 2011.

  1. Excuse my Victorian ignorance, but I just read this article and from it I get the impression that NSW road auth does not have a recreational registration category (which for those who don't know, allows you to ride on limited roads for the purpose of trail riding/nipping between private blocks), only full rego.

    Can someone confirm this? I am baffled to think that dirt riders get stung for something they don't need.

    Extending from this, how much does it cost NSW (out of your pocket annually) to register a private recreational bike and a fully registered road going bike?

    Because from the article, it's going to cost riders $120 for 45 DAYS. That's a fortune!
    I paid $68.30 to rec rego my dirt bike and $380.60 to fully register my road bike for 12 months each. And I thought that was steep....
  2. Correct. No rec rego in NSW. Cost to register a bike so as to ride firetrails legally is approx $100 for rego itself, plus approx $400 for compulsory third party insurance.
  3. Judging from all the deaths from trail bikes in the NSW fatalities thread there are a lot of crashes on dirt bikes. As MCIS part of CTP now covers the first $5K of the at fault rider it would seem that seperating out dirt bikes from road bikes might be beneficial to decrease road bike CTPs.

    I did hear that was why the 250cc section went up- lots of dirt bike riders on that class.
  4. I can't believe you get hit for so much for something that, if you're like me, you only use for 2-3 days of the year. And this is certainly not in a 45 day period.

    That new scheme, while a little better than the current, is still a load of crap. And while I agree with CTP on road going bikes, for dirt it's just pointless. No way would I insure my dirt ride, chances of hitting someone is next to nil, besides these bikes are designed tough and easily fixable so they can be dropped and run into stuff. Crazy guv'ment

    /rant - not that it really affects me, just some sympathetic bees in my bonnet
  5. The Police up here make a motza out of pinging recreational riders on the verge of roads etc.
  6. CTP pays for injuries to the rider as well now (for the first $5K in NSW). So the fact that you are unlikely to hit someone (which could be debatable as I ancedotally hear of a lot of head on crashes on trail bikes) is irrelevant as you are covered.

    I wonder what the breakdown of injury compensation is between dirt and road bikes?

    The argument that you only use it a few times a year applies to all vehicles not just dirt bikes. We should remove all rego and CTP cost and up the fuel excise so that people who use it (do the most kms) pay the most. Recreational Rego for dirt bikes is the wrong solution.
  7. Costs me $110 for rego and about $450 in CTP to keep my 16 year old 250 registered. Cheaper than the fines if I get caught, but becoming an expensive hobby with the new CTP costs.

    However, knock on wood, as Verticle C says, I'd rather be covered in case I do any damage, for my sake and anyone elses.
  8. Stockton Beach has had a dedicated area for Rec regoed vehicles for years so people must have been getting them somewhere ???
  9. You can get rec rego specifically for Stockton beach according to the RTA website, but other than that conditional recreation seems it is for either historic vehicles or things like front-end loaders and golf buggies. If you're only riding 2-3 days a year it'd be cheaper just to hire a trailer.
  10. So you don't have health insurance? If you can afford to participate in a recreational sport like trail riding, you must be able to afford health insurance. The other way I see it, treat any sort of public riding the same - if you can't see around, slow the hell down. I admit accidents happen, but think about all the lessons to be learnt & applied from people talking about hit/near misses.

    It does not apply to all vehicles. How do most people get around? I drive/ride 20,000kms per year in the vehicles I pay full registration and 3rd party on. Which I'm happy to pay for because it makes sense. In comparison I ride my trail bike ~200km a year in state parks - you do the math.

    But this is not the argument I was making in the first place. I'm surprised about the unnecessary cost of full registration for a trail bike. Also, even if I were to buy 3rd party for the rec rego bike right now, it's still cheaper down here (by $150).
    I'm on your side, really. It shouldn't cost you so much.
  11. Health insurance doesn't cover things like A&E, CTP does.

    As I said if you only ride 200kms why does it matter that it is on a dirt bike, why should dirt bikes get rec rego but sports bikes who only ride two hundred kms a year not get it.

    Km based rego is what should happen. Or get rid of rego altogether and up the fuel excise.
  12. Or rego the plate and swop it between multipal bikes with THAT being one plate per rider,with the upping of 250 rego its now very very expensive to own more than one bike.I dont mean doing this now,but it would be a great provision for the now nicer kinda RTA to look at,I am not holding my breath
  13. This would also be an equitable scheme, it doesn't favor one type of bike like rec rego does.