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rec reg for mx bike

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by rick81, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Hi i have a RM250 04 and am wanting to get it rec reg'd.
    Anyone know of a lighting kit or parts to suit? or all the all pretty standard?

  2. There is plenty of after market stuff around, either in complete kits or individual parts. Any bike shop or wreckers should have or can get in what you need.
  3. yep thanks. Thought there might be some standard kit everyone uses. I'll take a trip to the local bike shop. Thanks

  4. a place called small coil re-winds in geelong do the led light kits, or at least the did when i did my old kx125 a few years back

    as well as the led kit u need a headlight assembly, a tail light( the led fits perfect in a holda sl150 tail light), and a mirror on the right hand handle bar and a horn( i used a bike horn)

    the only other things are the front sproket cover muxt be fitted and ot would be worth re packing the muffler to keep the noise down for the inspection.

    from memory all the parts needed set me back about $350 and it took around an hour to set it all up
  5. Give Brett at mad.biker a call. From what I know he can hire out a kit to then take to Vicroads and get it rec-reg'd. As for kits for your bike I'm pretty sure he can fit it out for you. I've no idea on price but it's a good starting point.

    Nice choice in bike, looking for one myself. Have next to no experience on dirt but after giving a mates RMX a run earlier today, I love the idea of a bush bash.